Friday, February 26, 2010

Tré Xavier - Officially A MODEL

Last Thursday night, I was modeling as the performance art for artist Brian Reed's exhibit, THROUGH THE HEART OF IT ALL. I was standing there all night in the middle of these 3 pieces, just like I am in the photos ---- totally naked.
So besides missing out on seeing Brian's great work, you also missed seeing the body that you've seen in pictures and video live and in person.

And it was great works of art by Brian, I was amazed by how the pictures came out. And it wasn't just pictures. There were also sculptures that just blew me away when I think of how much hard work it took to put them together. And these works of art went from the ceiling to the floor - literally.

When I had my business cards made up, I put down my titles as being "Writer/Model/Dancer". In contracts, porn actors are referred to as "models", so that's what started me putting the word "Model" on my card. Now, thanks to my recent work with Zach Hyman and now Brian Reed, I can literally say that I am also a model, instead of it being a synonym known only in the porn industry for "porn actor". To the point that I have now added a link to my page on the website, Model Mayhem in the linkbar at the top of this page, and included my pics from both of those shoots in that profile.

These pics by no means show the true beauty of this exhibit, because they were taken with my cameraphone. So they do no justice to the beauty of the colors, shapes, textures, and blends of meaning behind the art that you would get from seeing it for yourself. Therefore, you would be best advised to go to take a trip between now and March 21st to Chair And The Maiden gallery @19 Christopher Street, NYC and see all of this great artwork for yourself.


  1. Hey, congrats! Looks and sounds like you had a lot fun. Bet more people would come to art galleries if you stood there naked. :p

  2. I'm sorry, let me clarify that. You weren't merely standding there. You were art, damn it!


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