Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tre Xavier with Lucky Irish

I've finally done it!

But isn't it funny? NOW, after announcing my retirement from porn is it that not only do I do my 1st free video with someone else to post online, but it's the 1st time you get some view of me as a top.

Also, yesterday's blog post, like most of my "Write That Down" posts was actually me preparing you for the next post. So in this case, the fact is that the video I'm speaking of is a barebacking video.

I have no shame about it. I always said that I would do it with someone I felt comfortable with, and I have. In addition, I'm not being like many hypocritical porn actors, especially those signed to studios, putting on a show for the public acting like they never have and never will bareback, when I have seen and heard different. I've never done that to you. While I am more in favor of safer sex, I've admitted to barebacking, which makes me unlike one of those bullshitters. And here's the proof below.

I wanted this video to be as if you were peeping in on 2 guys fucking, and they paid you no mind as long as you stayed on that side of the bed, and didn't get close enough to try forcing yourself into our playtime. That explains why you can't see some of the real kink we had going on like how around 6:30 Lucky Irish was sticking his big toe in my hole, and I was actually liking it, as well as our cumshots, and my licking both of our loads off of him. But with the almost 15,000 views and 22 5-star votes on X-Tube so far in less than 24 hours, I hope this means I've accomplished that. So see if this trailer keeps your interest.

Did you like that little bit?
Good! Then check out this video in its entirety


  1. a good start, in spite of some unclear images, i can hardly see u kiss, but plzz go on!

  2. That was very nice Tre, thanks for posting. The sounds were awesome, though I couldn't tell who was making more of them. Keep em coming.

  3. Bravo for taking the leap in2 Bareback. It takes sex to another level like many other forms. I hope u do more bareback vid.


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