Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Write That Down #6

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and/or are friends of mine on Facebook may recall seeing this Friday morning:

Falcon is SICK as the Jarics epitomize gay male narcissism that makes a guy couple with his look-alike. It makes the sex look incestuous.

This statement spawned from a passing thought on the racism within the American gay culture, especially here in NYC, of how interracial dating is now an oddity in the gay community, while becoming more common in the straight community. Also leading to that posting was how while I have nothing against the Jarics, I am just stating what is undeniable. Falcon Studios choosing to hire a real couple who look so much like each other (both facially and physically) adds to their list of errors because the Jarics can easily be seen as symbolic of that stereotypical gay male narcissism that makes one couple with someone who looks like himself. It's that same stereotypical narcissism that is making interracial dating happen less frequently in the gay community. Therefore, while both communities should have evolved the same way in regards to interracial dating, I am seeing the straight community progressing, but in the meantime the gay community is regressing.

This brings me to why for my next "Write That Down" quote, I decided to explain why so many guys I fool around with and/or date are not Black like myself, even though I see a many HOT Black men out there to choose from. It is as follows:

Everytime I take a shower, take a piss, beat my meat, or prepare to poke a hot guy's sweet mouth or ass, I see a hot Black cock. So I am probably more drawn to non-Black guys sexually because of the novelty. They have something I don't. A something that is not any more beautiful than what I have, but it is different. And I have more respect for gay men who love that difference, because it takes them one step further from playing into the stereotype of gay male narcissism. Hence why I also so greatly understand and respect a straight guys attraction to women. For they like I, are admirers of physical traits of the beautiful adult human form that are novelties since we can't see them on our own bodies. While narcissism is nurtured, this admiration (be you straight, gay, or bi) is natural and should be praised.


  1. I usually avoid trying to pair logic with attraction, but this is definitely a thought-provoking post.

  2. I tend to be attracted to really big dark skinned men. Maybe that is because I'm a rather petite light skinned guy?
    Hmmmmmmmmm...Food for thought.

  3. To Marc,

    You seem hostile. Envious even.


    I live in a world appreciative of all colors. And I do have an interest in some black MEN. Those being the ones who share that appeciation of all colors.

    Those quick to get a chip on their shoulders like yourself who want to live in their little world and be all about their blackness are the blacks of no interest to me. So it's time for you to grow up and become a man. Don't fault me for my openess. Fault yourself for your close-mindedness.


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