Sunday, September 8, 2013

Why Gay Males Have Anal Sex

The title might seem like it has a simple answer. However, this is me we are talking about here. So you know that I can see that there are a few more factors as to why gay men have anal sex beyond answering such a question with the obvious question....

What Other Hole Is There?
This is the perceived simple question-answering-a-question that I am speaking of. As gay males, besides the mouth, we have no other orifice for a male to put his dick. But there may be more to it than just that, which I'll explain later.

Sex As A Weapon
Let’s get this sad, but very real fact out of the way.

Since the dawn of mankind, anal sex has also been used as a weapon by heterosexual males to belittle, humiliate, shame, and avenge. Unfortunately, whether based on cultural or personal history, this practice of anal sex as a weapon has followed some gay males into their sex lives today.

We see it all too often in porn scenarios where Black tops have this aggression towards White bottoms that can easily be surmised as them using sex to avenge their enslaved forefathers, as seen in Chi Chi LaRue’s “Blackballed” series. Or websites like ThugHunter where in the 21st century a White guy uses anal sex to humiliate Blacks like they did during slavery. Or sites like FraternityX,, HazeHim, ItsGonnaHurt (and the list goes on) where anal sex is used as a weapon against their partners or themselves.

What makes this so sad is that such scenarios are imitated by the many of us who initially used gay porn as their gay sex guide book. So it is not until they grow up into real men therefore have an individual mindset will these gay porn connoisseurs truly appreciate the beauty of anal sex.

Admiration & Rewards
If you’ve ever had or witnessed straight sex in real life or in a porn scene, then you know males will put their cock in any orifice on their sex partner that they have admiration for, and that their partner will allow. Hence why straight guys besides having vaginal, (and like us) oral and anal sex, some also titty fuck their women. So gay men having anal sex is more than about there being no other hole on a male. It’s also about admiration of the beauty of the male ass. Followed by rewarding the bottom for how good he feels inside, and the top rewarding himself for finding such a great feeling bottom.

So anal sex is just like anything else. When done for the right reasons, anal sex is a beautiful thing. To watch. To feel. To hear. And even to taste. So be of a safe and sound mind, and make your beautiful anal sex adventures.

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