Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Great Gotten From Gotti

Every porn actor has a scene partner with whom they’ve had the best sex with, in spite of all the going and stopping involved in making a porn scene. And with 8 movies, 10 scenes, and 14 scene partners from movies alone, my time in porn is no different.

The name my scene partner went by was Favian Gotti.
He was a tall, slim Latino and didn’t say much. In fact, the most he said to me after walking in the room was “Hello”, and “Goodbye” after we wrapped.

It was an orgy scene. Me and one of the other guys, Shorty J, who I did a scene with just the day before, doubled-teamed sucking on Favian’s big dick.
There was another guy in the scene, who was also tall and slim, but his name slips my mind. Now, while I like all fit body types, I have a weakness for tall, slim guys. But Favian seemed to have an aura about him that had me hoping he was to be my top. And once the sex started, my wish came true. I got Favian, and Shorty J got fucked by the other guy.

Favian tried putting his dick in me, then blurted out, “Damn, his hole is tight”. Because while editing makes it look easy, like most of my scene partners and off-camera playmates before and since him, it took him about 5 – 10 minutes to get in my hole. I’ve been saying it for years, DO YOUR KEGELS, GUYS! They work for males, as well as females.

Anyway, once inside me, Favian started fucking me doggy style. I just thought to myself, “Oh my God! What is this man’s dick made of! Because it feels fuckin’ amazing!”

I know in orgy scenes in porn, the guys often switch partners at some point. Well, call me stingy, but I didn’t want to switch. And I was glad that while it was suggested at one point by the director, a switch never happened. And I think Favian was just as happy for that as I was. Proof of that will be told at the end.

 At some point, I wound up on the floor lying on my stomach to get fucked. My ass cheeks never stopped jiggling. From either me throwing my ass upward onto his long cock, or him banging my ass putting that long cock God only knows how many inches deep inside me. And with each thrust inside me, I kept tightening my sphincter around his dick. Because like a farmer squeezes a cow’s tit to get milk, I was trying to milk his dick to make him cum. For it was an ongoing fantasy of mine that never came to fruition to make a scene partner cum inside the condom, even though for porn, he’s suppose to cum from jerking off right after the sex.

I moaned and moaned in pleasure. To the point that I actually forgot that I was even on a porn set. So what brought me back to reality?

Our socially inept fucktard of a director, Tyson Cane yelling “Annnnd CUT!”

With sex that good, it’s no doubt that while I maintained my calm and said nothing, I wanted to respond by saying, “Mutha fucka, WHAT?!”

For not only was Tyson Cane interrupting an amazing lay, which was a much needed release after following the porn industry’s rule of no sexual activity to ejaculate for at least 48 hours, including masturbation. But over the past couple of days, 1)Tyson Cane insulted the sexual egos of both Shorty J and myself, and any real director knows that you don’t insult a porn actors sexual ego, especially before a scene. For their sexual ego is their tool to do a good job. So insulting it can make them vengeful; and 2) Tyson Cane’s cheap ass was paying me only half for this orgy what I got paid for my 1-on-1 scene with Shorty J the day before. And ethnic porn actors don’t make much as it is. Which means that while he paid me only $300 for my scene with Shorty J, I was only getting $150 for this orgy scene.

Anyway, like the idea of a switch, I also think Favian didn’t much care for the interruption. For after Tyson Cane yelled “Cut”, I was about to get up, but couldn’t. It wasn’t because Favian fucked me so hard that my ass muscles, sphincter, and thighs hurt so much that I couldn’t move. Actually, the adrenaline of that hot fuck made me feel no soreness of any of those muscles until maybe the next day. The reason I couldn’t get up was because even after the director yelled “Cut”, with his long cock moving very slowly, back and forth, in and out of my ass….Favian was still fucking me.

And giving not one bit of a damn how much longer his being inside made this shoot go, and possibly piss off the director, I had no intention of stopping Favian Gotti.

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  1. I often wonder if porn stars have favorite partners that go beyond just doing a movie, thanks for posting this


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