Sunday, December 12, 2010

At Last Presenting...."The Industry"

Earlier this year, I wrote a poem called, "The Industry". I appealed to people by way of this blog to suggest places for me to perform it at an open-mice night. I got comments, emails, and actual friends suggesting places, which I am thankful for.

However something happened to make me not take them up on those suggestions. During my time of considering those suggested spaces, I began writing more poems. Enough poems that it became a series. So I then didn't need an open-mic night as much as I need an actual presentation night.

With that in mind, after the successful Q & A appearance last year courtesy of Men of All Colors Together/NY, at a board meeting on November 12, I presented them with the idea of doing a poetry reading of "The Industry", now a series. After my proposal, I was more than thankful to get not only the OK, but also the date, January 7th.

So the press release reads as follows:

MACT/NY presents Tré Xavier’s “The Industry”

Tré Xavier’s “The Industry” is a 5-part poetry series that takes you through the behind-the-scenes stories of 5 different porn actor characters. These stories are based on a combination of tales from Tré’s own life in the porn industry, tales told to him from other porn actors he has met along the way, as well as gay porn news stories.

Using his one voice to speak for many, the no-name characters Tré creates range from someone who trades in his stable relationship so he can seek porn-stardom to a White porn actor wanting a scene-partner of color, yet gets repeatedly paired with a white one. These characters are used to confront many stigmas associated with the porn industry, including meaningless sex, drugs, and self-degradation, as well as controversies like racism, gay-for-pay, and HIV hypocrisy. And while all the characters leave the industry in the end, with some closing the door completely, while others leaving it ajar, what unites these characters is that they all walk away happy survivors.

There will be a Q & A session in between each poem, with an even longer Q & A session after the last poem is read, so Tré can answer your questions of the poems collectively as well as individually. And since these poems will be written in the very same fashion that he does his blog “Tré’s X-Ray Vision”, Tré Xavier plans to hit you hard with the truth, and take no prisoners.

For this reason alone, this evening promises to be an interesting one. But in addition, this will be his last appearance as “Tré Xavier”. For after tonight, all appearances (porn-related or not), he will drop the name “Tré” and replace it with his legal first name, LeNair. Therefore becoming newly known as, LeNair Xavier.

If you are living or vacation in or near New York City, I hope to see you there.

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