Sunday, November 14, 2010

Write That Down #28

Entertainment mediums, from media forms to nightlife events can be quite influential in how we perceive things. Especially, when one is weak-minded. Such as how these mediums lead many to believe that to be White or any light-complexion is to be treated as if it's your birth-right to a sense of entitlement and to be considered "beautiful". Of course if the latter were true, then so many Whites and lighter-complexions wouldn't be making the tanning industry, plastic surgery, and medical procedures to fill certain areas such big money businesses.

When it comes to the beauty of Black males, these same mediums are quite limiting. Limiting by displaying the only beauty to be a dark-complexioned, muscled-up gym-rat who is usually bald (most likely to hide his African ancestry). Now considering the intellect displayed by more notable Blacks fitting that description in the media spectrum from hip-hop to gay porn, that doesn't speak well for Black males...AT ALL.

It has gotten to the point that one who doesn't fit that status quo of beauty (like myself) has no choice but to instill in themselves the knowledge of their beauty. For these mediums refuses to confirm my beauty, and there are too many more weak-minded followers (as opposed to TRUE individuals) allowing themselves to become susceptible to these mediums' influences. That is why regardless of your ethnicity or fit physique you have that doesn't receive a proper amount of praise, I strongly advise you to keep in your heart my latest "Write That Down" quote which reads:

When someone tells me I'm good-looking, and I respond by saying "Really?" or "Oh, stop!", that response is not a sign of self-doubt. Because to be honest, contrary to what entertainment mediums says about my degree of Black skin and physique, I have enough self-confidence to know that I am a beautiful man - on the outside that is amplified by my being beautiful inside. Instead, my reactions that may be mistaken for self-doubt, is actually my being pleasantly shocked at how there are still a few people in society who amidst all the media hype of what beauty is, are enough of an individual thinker to notice my beauty, which doesn't fit that brand hyped by most entertainment mediums.

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