Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sex Party Etiquette: Focus On The Flesh

My rules of sex party etiquette not only applies to sex parties where money exchanges hands. They can also be applied to small gathering sex parties as well. Like situation that inspired my need to tell this story.

Over the weekend during an outing with a friend. I met a guy who I was attracted to. Once he started talking, the alarms went off. But as I'm sure many of you have done yourself, even with the alarms blaring, you ignored the signs to walk away or ease yourself out of the situation, and for some reason you proceeded to maintain conversation.

At one point of the conversation, he mentioned how he didn't like blogs because they eliminated the need for editors.Yes, alarms went off with this, but they came off a being false alarms due to the fact that I wasn't offended. Why wasn't I offended? Because (1 ) to a degree, I agreed with him. Although a blog is one's personal thoughts and opinions, some people do need to turn on the fuckin' Spell-check on their browsers, because you are putting this out there for the world to see, and poor spelling and lousy grammar doesn't say much for your intellect; (2) I'm confident enough in knowing how good I am at what I do with this blog that his opinion didn't phase me. Anyway, nothing much happened between us beyond that point. He was with his friends, I was with mine, so we eventually went our separate ways.

Tuesday night, I went to the NYC bar, The Cock. I ran into him again. When we started talking, we somehow got to talking about my blog again, and he said that he feels what I do is bullshit. Now, it's one thing to not like blogs in general because your thought process is so obsessed with book-smarts that you need a book for every goddamn thing, even the things where experience is the obvious better teacher since people have been doing it well for millenniums before you, but it's another to call what I do all out "bullshit", when you have yet to so much as read it. And I took the diplomatic approach, and told him that he can't call what I do "bullshit", until he does reads it. That seemed to shut him up on the matter, and my Aries ego was satisfied, which is probably why this loser still had a chance. I say "loser" because if he said something like that to me, then he his being a stereotypical argumentative attorney has made him say something like that or worse to others, and it makes him the perfect person to write about if I was to ever do a Part 2, or make a category out of "Why You're Single, Why I'm Single".

Now the alarms weren't false, but instead blaring. However, probably for the reasons I stated in "Why You're Single, Why I'm Single", I still kept company with this guy. Probably because I later discovered he was a Scorpio, and I've mentioned in the past how I'm drawn to water signs, and sex with them makes me insatiable. If only he could have lived up to that reputation, I would not be writing most of this post.

While with this guy, we ran into a guy we both already knew. The guy was having (I guess you could say) an "after-hours sex party" at his place. So a little before the bar closing at 4 A.M., a few of us filled up 2 cabs, and went over.

We all had a main guy we were into, but in a rare instance of group sex or orgies, all of us seemed to be some degree into each other. This guy I was supposed to be with however was making me sway...more and more by the second. When we got to the host's place, this guy decided to get on the host's computer, and start messing with the music he had playing for background. He messed with it to the point that he somehow made 2 songs overlap each other that didn't go well together, AND we later discovered that he broke the host's computer mouse.

While making the music such a focus, I started talking to a cute Italian that was in the group. The action was getting started. Clothes were coming off, including the Scorpio's, but the Scorpio seemed to have A.D.D. beyond measure. While I was with the Italian, he was on the bed with the others, and right in the middle of fooling around with them, he would jump up and concern himself with the music AGAIN by putting on his iPhone,  since the host turned off the computer. The annoyance the Scorpio was creating got to the point that the background wasn't just the music, but him debating with the host, and the host trying to tell him to focus of the 5 bodies on the bed.

YES, 5 BODIES ON THE BED, plus the host and the Scorpio makes 7 hot guys who were supposed to be going at it, but instead it was only 5. And us 5 were getting distracted by the Scorpio's bickering with the host. I was getting to the point that I felt like yelling, "Would you put a dick in your mouth and shut the fuck up?!"

But from the way he was behaving, he would have manage to either talk with a dick in his mouth, OR stop sucking on the dick so he could focus on the music again, instead of focusing on the lusting, naked bodies wanting attention from all sides on the bed. And if I'm not mistaken, he actually did do the latter. Eventually, he left, to none of our disappointment, as was shown by him becoming the topic of discussion. Luckily not for too long.

Some people in the past have told me that they live vicariously through me and my sex tales. Well, if that's the case, then I know you guys are seething right  about now (as I was) over how this guy was fucking up the hot energy flow of the party. With that in mind, I'll continue with the sexy details of what went down once he finally left....

Shortly after, we all were going at each other. The Italian was now plowing me with his big cock on his small frame while the other guys were going at other. Now, this was becoming the sex party that we all came here for. But thanks to the Scorpio, one thing was missing...the background music the host intended. But we made up for it. For the music playing was at that point, not made by singing and machines. Instead, the music was made by our moans and groans as we praised our sex partner's oral, cock, and anal prowess.

We then took a break, and while laying there in a pile on the bed stroking each others' legs, feet, chest, cocks, and asses, we got a sense that a Round 2 was looming. For when asked by the host, the other hottie bottoming was up for more, and being that when I bottom, I become a power-bottom, I also was up for more.

The other guy bottoming wore out one of his tops so that he fell asleep on the bed. So when Round 2 began, we went to the sofa. It turns out he seemed to have wore out the other top as well, who was a young-looking gorgeous Brazilian. So the Italian started fucking him, with me feeling both of them up and kissing them. Then while the Italian was going at him, the Brazilian woke up, and put on a condom to fuck me. The Brazilian had a nice bubble-butt that I couldn't resist groping while he pounded my ass in missionary position with the vigor of a jackrabbit . In fact, to help with the visual, if you've ever seen the hard quick thrust Corbin Fisher's signature model, Dawson gives a guy's ass or a girl's pussy, 
then you now know what my ass got put through by the Brazilian. And considering that it was without a doubt a bigger cock I was getting fucked with, I made sure to do my Kegels afterwards. That also explains why today, between him and the Italian, my glutes are finally getting over feeling the aftermath of their pounding. And it hurt so good.

Afterwards, we went back to the bed. Since we noticed he other top was now awake up as well with some morning wood to satisfy. So he fucked the other bottom again. Then one by one, the rest of us jerked off. I was the last to shoot my load. We all got dressed, and went on our way into the rising sun, because it was now after 7 in the morning.

After such a hot time, while I still treated you guys to a hot story, I realized this was a tale about "Sex Party Etiquette" because long after he was gone, this guy was still the topic of conversation. Even during our time laying in a pile between rounds, and before me and the Italian left. And not in a good way. Because instead of talking about how cute he was, we were talking about how that cuteness was overshadowed by his being a neurotic hot mess. So this guy needs to learn the balance between book-smarts and smarts about life that I often speak of. Because his being so much about book-smarts is why his lack of social skills nearly ruined everyone else's good time.

So this rule of sex party etiquette is in short, don't focus so much on the ambiance. Leave that to the host. As a guest, focus on the lust-filled flesh that's there to play with you by going into and/or wrapping around your lust-filled flesh.

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