Sunday, November 28, 2010

Come See Me @ RUD: Family Affairs

As I mentioned it in a previous post, this is a reminder to my fans and readers living or vacationing near or around New York City of my appearance at this Thursday's "Red Umbrella Diaries: Family Affairs". I will be presenting a piece telling of my Mom learning about my porn persona and the connection between that and her dreams for me. It will be entitled, "What She Had In Mind".

Last week, while visiting the Red Umbrella Project website's posting of the event, I came across 2 comments. Both of which spoke negatively of me without even knowing me. I tried to walk away from the matter considering how often I went to the website and never even saw the 1st of the comments until 2 weeks after it was posted, so I thought no one really cared. However, I then realized that (1)just because I missed seeing the comments so long after their posting, doesn't mean that others didn't, and (2)we live in a time where individual thinking is a rarity, so people may listen to these people spewing hatred and jealousy. So feel free to go to the link, and see the insightful and intellectual rebuttal that I've become known for.  Then come Thursday, I hope to see you at "Red Umbrella Diaries: Family Affairs".

If you can't make it Thursday, don't fret. Because come next Wednesday on December 8th (as also previously mentioned), I will be appearing at The Will Clark Show featuring Porno Bingo. More on that in next week's reminder. Until then....

1 comment:

  1. Just in case they don't print my comment on the Red Umbrella Diaries website:

    "Tre has been instrumental in raising issues of racial equality in the gay porn business, one of the most intolerably (and intractably) racist institutions in this country.

    As a writer who has covered the industry for six years (Happy Anniversary to me today!), I would suggest to you, Jason, that you do a little more research before you attempt to belittle someone in so public a fashion. The fact of the matter is, that in this day and age, there are very few forums in which to raise issues of substance other than in blogs. I mean, really, do you read many porn magazines?

    I’m probably being overly protective because Tre is not only a professional colleague of mine but a dear friend, but I find your condescension revolting."


I HIGHLY respect those willing to stand behind their comments with a name. So if you use "Anonymous" on a viewpoint that challenges mine, IT WILL BE DELETED. For your cowardice to not show yourself makes your viewpoint and you irrelevant.

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