Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sweet Reunions Over Milk Chocolate

After a much too long absence after writing "HOT @ Milk Chocolate NYC", I made a return to the Milk Chocolate NYC party this past Saturday.

I walked in about an hour after the party started, and was greeted by their gorgeous and fit helpers taking my clothes. Not taking them off (I WISH), but just taking them and putting my articles of clothing on a hanger after I took them off. 

NOTE TO SOME SEX PARTY PROMOTERS: Having your guests welcomed by a HOT staff that makes you wish they were actually stripping you never hurts to get one in the party mood. I'm just sayin'. Because it damn sure did it for me.

I was thirsty after my trek there, so I drank some soda before checking out the scene. While in that area, a tall slim Asian (that I later discovered was a mix with dominating Filipino traits) walked in for a drink as well. We didn't say much to each other, but besides the staff, he was on my list of possible playmates for the night. And I felt I was on his, because my peripheral vision caught him checking me out. He drank his water, and took off back upstairs. Once I finished my soda, I did the same.

When I got upstairs, I saw most of the guys being wallflowers. I didn't get well into the room yet, before one guy with no finesse darted in my direction, and started touching on me. Now, I'm not being a bitch by complaining. But while I'm flattered by being found attractive, the keyword here is "finesse". I mean, let me get a lay of the land and see what I want before you approach me. Because for me, even if I find you good-looking, that lack of finesse could make you ugly and ruin your chances. I politely said, "No thanks", and kept walking deeper into the room. However, once I hit the middle of the room, there were other guys there just as  lacked tact just like the first guy. In fact, I felt like I was in "Return Of The Living Dead" - I was the living and they were a horde of zombies wanting my brain. Luckily, the Filipino mix wasn't in that horde, so I backed up to be near him. You see, I was making myself available to him for having enough tact in his approach. Evidently, it worked. Because he stopped leaning against the wall, and then reached out for me. 

Once his hand was on my shoulder, I turned around and we started hugging. I love most degrees of body hair, but while most ethnicities have varying degrees of body hair, there's something about how Asian-Pacific Islanders are an unique ethnicity because of it being close to a guarantee that they'll have little to no body hair. And that uniqueness makes my hands hunger to rub that smooth skin. And this guy was no exception in that regard. I paced myself by rubbing his chest, arms, and thighs, even though I was craving a to dig into his underwear and feel his smooth ass cheeks. On that, I let him grab mine first, then I grabbed his.

I would have enjoyed him more if we were left to have our fun. The problem was that many people came around us, and wanted in. Now, I understand wanting to touch on the guys making out or fucking FOR A MOMENT,as I made clear in my post, "Sex Party Etiquette: Don't Interrupt!". Obviously, some guys didn't read that post to learn that if they're not responded to, that they should GO MAKE THEIR OWN FUCKIN' FUN!

A couple of guy that I responded to and let in on the fun were past playmates. One was a guy I had a tryst with after a night at The Cock. I've seen him at the Milk Chocolate NYC party before, but we've never fucked there. Which is a shame because I did love grabbing his bubble-butt while he fucked my ass missionary during that tryst. The other was a guy who came up behind me. At first I was getting so annoyed by the unwanted attention that I was ignoring him. Then my sixth sense told me to turn around, because I felt a vibe that not only did I know this person behind me, but I liked this person behind me. And my sixth sense was right as usual. Because it turns out the guy behind me was the bubble-butt Israeli from "HOT @ Milk Chocolate NYC" that I made out with, but never had sex with. Well, on that night, I was determined to change that fact.

The Filipino mix and I got interrupted to the point that I got frustrated and started making out with my past tryst from The Cock. I went down on him, and I was quickly reminded of how big his cock is. It was so easy to forget because the night I met him, I was so into him that I now recall my tight hole taking in that thick dick with very few attempts, much like the French guy from "French Kiss, Big Bliss?". The Israeli knew I wanted him near, so he stayed by watching. When my tryst from The Cock turned me around to grind his big dick up against my ass, me and the Israeli started kissing. Guys were still interrupting us, and me and the Israeli broke off not too far from my tryst from The Cock, but far enough that a tall slim Black guy came along, and took my place. But I wasn't at all upset. Because I took it as a chance to do something that was long overdue.

I took the Israeli over to the bed. My Aries libido and bluntness asked him, "Can I fuck you?"

"SURE!", he replied. And he quickly laid on the bed, and took off his underwear. I went to get a condom, and I came prepared with a travel-size bottle of Wet® Platinum lube given to me by The Wet Platinum Man tucked away in my sock. So the fun was about to begin. I put on the condom, and finally, after many fantasies since the last time I saw him....I was inside the Israeli with the warmth of his ass tunnel wrapped around my cock.

I was trying to fuck the Israeli missionary so we could give each other that look that I spoke of in the past as to one reason why I like missionary. Telling how in that moment, it wasn't just any ass I wanted, but it was his ass that I wanted. And how it wasn't just any dick he wanted in him, but  it was my dick that he wanted. Well people really need to read that section of my blog, because ONCE AGAIN, we were interrupted. Some wayward guy put himself in between us. This was making me uncomfortable, and making me lose my hard-on. So I told the Israeli to get on all fours. And believe it or not, that guy being an annoyance turned out being a good thing. Because fucking him doggy-style and seeing those bulbous cheeks bounce from my thrust made his  ass feel even better. 

The Filipino mix came around and laid on the bed next to us watching us fuck. This guy had class. The Israeli went over to kiss him while I was fucking him. And since I was into the Filipino mix as well, I kept fucking the Israeli as he laid on his stomach, with one hand hold myself up on the bed, while the other hand was massaging the Filipino mix. All those different shades of skin color on each other and on the bed is what a sex party in NYC is supposed to look like.

I didn't come, but I stopped fucking the Israeli. We went downstairs got something to drink, then went to the living room on the 1st floor, and started making out. His dick was rock hard, and even though he said that he was more of a bottom, I wanted to take advantage of the situation. So I got another one of my desires with him to come to frution. His cock in my ass. What I didn't know from our last encounter was how thick it was. But once again, because my desire for him was so strong, he got inside me with very little effort. And it was GREAT! He didn't come, but it was fun when he actually did.

It turns out the Filipino mix had already came from fucking someone else. That was my misfortune, because I wanted it to be my ass that his cock was in whenever it throbbed to squeeze out his jizz. But I got 2 good fucks in my ass already, so I was happy. Even though he had already came, he didn't leave like most guys do. He decided to stick around and watch me make the Israeli come. So I started by using my lube to give the Israeli's cock a "happy ending" massage. Then I gave him a blowjob as the Filipino mix played with one of the Israeli's nipples, while I played with the other. Yes, I'm a multi-tasking lover. The the Israeli jerked off while I licked his nipples, and I could feel the tension in his body that he was about to shoot. And I picked my head up at just the right time. Because within a minute later, he shot a load that went all the way up to his chest. After that I bid him and the Filipino mix "Good night" as they decided to head out. And I lingered around with the few remaining guys there that I had no interest in.

To answer why I was lingering, I must back track to when I said, "...I got 2 good fucks in my ass...". To explain that statement, the truth is there was someone else besides the Israeli who fucked me that night. And I have 2 possible photoshoots with him, and if all goes well,....then prepare for that tale as a possible Part 2.


  1. Hi LeNair - I love your blog!

    I am a Latin/Asian fem gay boy, and I was thinking of going to one of these sex party hosted by MCNYC. I was wondering if these parties are gay-friendly to all different types of gay men. I do not want to come and be comfortable, or to feel out of place. Would love your insight.

    Thank you,

    1. Yes, these parties are very interracial, no matter how they are advertised. That is exactly what i like. The Tuesday, Fruday, and Saturday parties are the best attended. When will you be there?


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