Sunday, November 7, 2010

Red Umbrella Diaries→New Bio+Porno Bingo

This past Tuesday, I received an email from Audacia Ray, who on the 1st Thursday of the month, hosts "The Red Umbrella Diaries", an event which features guests telling true stories about the sex industry. In this email, based on her liking of my video, "Mom Critiques: She ____s My Vlog", she extended an invitation for me to speak about my family dealing with my porn career at the next Red Umbrella Diaries on December 2nd, since the theme will be "Family Affairs".

This was an invitation that I was honored to have received, and gladly ACCEPTED.

Also in the email, Audacia asked me if she should use the photo and bio that is in my emails. I told her not to because (1)I recently took new photos with PhotoFreedom (*upcoming blog post), and was hoping to get them soon, and (2) even if I didn't get the photos by week's end like she wanted, her request made me realize that I needed a new bio, because the one in my emails might be from before my retirement.

When one begins writing their own bio with the utmost honesty, sometimes they don't realize how much they've accomplished. Because we all have bouts of self-doubt. And I am no different. That's why after taking an honest look at my life since retiring from porn, I was shocked to see how much I had to add on to my original bio. But just as I say about a guy's cock, "It's not the size, but what you do with it that matters", I see that all the space this bio takes up, the content of it shows that I shouldn't doubt myself. And as long as I stay true to my values, AND grow in my values, doubting myself is not an option. So the bio I sent Audacia reads:

Tré Xavier is a predominately gay bisexual entertainer and author who writes about sex, life & love in his blog, "Tré's X-Ray Vision". While he has retired from performing in studio-based gay porn, his continued exhibitionist displays online and telling of his sexual adventures and explorations for his blog maintains his being considered an adult entertainer.

During his time in the industry, Tré's writing skills at creating vivid pictures and expressing valid points has led to him writing blog entries for Pitbull Production's ThugPornBlog, and more recognizably, MOC Blog, which he still maintains being a contributing writer for. He has also had his opinions published in a book review for FlavaMen Magazine, and in the Feedback section of The Advocate. In the vein of his published words on MOC Blog and in The Advocate, he is an active and well-recognized voice for racial equality in gay adult entertainment by way of comments on various websites like FleshbotGay Porn Times, and The Sword. And since retiring, Tré's voice fighting for that racial equality continues to be heard by the aforementioned, and even more places now as he has spread to fighting for it in gay mainstream entertainment as well, including most recently the gay cable channel, LOGO. All this while he resurrects his skills as an actor, dancer, singer, artist, poet, and songwriter. Most of which can be found on his YouTube channel.
And don't worry, this long bio is not going into my emails. But before I edit that, I must also announce how....

After a 2-year absence, on Wednesday, December 8th, I will return to Will Clark's Porno Bingo. I've have been there often as a patron before and since my announcing my retirement from the porn industry last year, but this will be my first time back as a GUEST CALLER.

Please keep those dates in mind, December 2nd & 8th. And I may have 1 more to add to those 2. So if you're in the NYC area....don't be a stranger. ;-)

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