Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do you believe in God? And regardless of your answer, would you DATE someone whose answer is the OPPOSITE of yours? I will give my answer after the 1st reply.

Since I got my 1st response here, I will now give my reply.

I long ago in a blog post revealed that I do believe in God, and chastised gays who give up that belief just because they come out as gay. What I didn't reveal is whether or not I would date someone who was an atheist.

The answer to if I could date an atheist is NO. It is not about me feeling superior as some might want to think, but there are some things that form who you are so much that having someone in your life that doesn't share that makes the relationship doomed to failed before it even begins. And I feel belief in God is one of those things.

My belief in God is what motivates the stands that I take, and while I know there are atheists who are able to take those same stands, I feel there's a passion, drive, and commitment to my convictions that my faith in God gives me that being an atheist would not. And for that reason, I can't see myself sharing a life with someone whose motivated by believing the standards and abilities they have are based totally on THEM.

For instance, I have a friend who is an atheist who said that people thanking God at award shows are lessening the importance of their part in what they've created. Well, people who believe in God have a degree of humbleness that makes us believe that it's not all about us. We believe the simple fact that we are able to wake up is a gift from God. So the fact we can breathe on our own, show off our talents and skills, and receive accolades for it are all gifts to be thankful for - and not to another mere human, but first and foremost to a higher power. By those who believe in God, an atheist thinking that those things all his/her doing is a viewpoint of arrogance, even if that atheist's normal behavior pattern shows the contrary. Hence why some God-believers seem fearful of an atheist's lack of belief in God. While for some, it may be based on a feeling of superiority. But for believers like myself (because if arrogance isn't my flaw, I do have others), it is based on my fearing the day that a situation arises that will force an atheist to reconsider his/her position. And I'm always hoping that it's not too drastic a situation.

For I have enough things to worry about in this world that can endanger the well-being of my significant other. Worrying about his basic belief system catching up to him by a higher power can't be one of them.

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  1. LOL- as the afore mentioned atheist friend who made the comment about award shows, I have to agree on some of your points but I need to further explain. The award show thing is not just about people not accepting the credit for their hard work, but also if there is a god that they believe in, I'm not sure that the same God necessarily wants or needs those accolades. That goes against everything I thought god was supposed to be about. Now, about atheist/religoius pairings- I think you are correct. While I have had absolutely no problem with the belief in faith of those I've dated, they eventually had issues with me for my lack of belief, so eventually this can become a problem. -Ben M.


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