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Sweet Reunions Over Milk Chocolate, Pt. 2

As promised at the end of "Sweet Reunions In Milk Chocolate", I will reveal who the mysterious 2nd person that I left you in suspense about who fucked me at the Milk Chocolate NYC party. I'll just let the included photos and slideshow let you in on how good the chemistry was.

His name was Ty. We met right after I walked in the door and was greeted by the host, Cade. The moment we looked at each other, we both knew there was an attraction. So much so that Cade thought we already knew each other. Even with me bundled up for that cold New York winter night wearing my long black trenchcoat that has people calling me "Matrix", Ty lit up when he saw me. And he lit up even more once he saw me in my black boxer-briefs. Well, it's without a doubt that I lit up full blast by being greeted with that hot bod wearing a a pair of sexy black satin-looking boxers. Especially since those boxers weren't those hard cotton easily-wrinkled type that your dad would wear that I consider as one of the "No-No" things to wear to a sex party.

While in the introduction of this post, I said that he was the 2nd person to fuck me, chronologically speaking, he was actually the 1st. After I topped the Israeli, we got up off the bed, and I was about to wash off as I usually do after sex with someone whether I top or bottom. But it got delayed because me and the Israeli made out for a bit, and then realized there was a group of hot guys fooling around in a corner. I wasn't sure if all of them were hot, but enough of them were to get our attention, and make us be voyeurs. I had my back to someone in that cluster, and the next thing I knew someone's hand reached out to grab my ass. After all the interruptions that I spoke of in Part 1, I began thinking, "Not again". Then the hand grabbed my ass again. Now, I was starting to boil, and make a mental note that if whoever this is grabs my ass one more time without me responding, then this son of a bitch is getting "the evil eye" a warning.

Well, he grabbed me again.

And as I was turning around with my face muscles contoured to give "the evil eye" and a frown, once I discovered who it was, my face muscles had to contour so I could literally "turn that frown upside down"....into a flirtatious smile. Because the guy grabbing my ass turned out to be Ty.

I knew those boxers were pulled down, but I couldn't see his cock because the 2 guys sucking on it were blocking my view. However, once I reached out to at long last feel that body, and he reached out to bring me in closer, the 2 guys broke away. I was in absolute awe of his physique. And when I felt his cock up against me, I found out what all the fuss was about. It was big and uncut. I made out with him, went down on him, then he turned my back to him so he could rub his cock against my ass, then he put it between my thighs. We did this until I couldn't take it anymore. "It" being the still rampant interruptions and my desire to have his cock thrusting back and forth in me. So I took him to the bed, and I laid on my back for missionary, because there was no way I was not going to see the rhythmic movements of that body fucking my hole. One of the other guys gave him a condom. He put it on while I put my Wet® Platinum lube on and in my ass, and put some also on his nicely-wrapped dick so I could touch it one more time before it was inside me.

Once in, I couldn't get enough. But those who were too dense to find fucking fun of their own were still intruding. I could see guys behind Ty touching on him. And one bonafide dumb-ass laid next to me to possibly attempt an uninvited 69ing session, and put his knee over my face while I'm watching Ty. After all the prior interruptions mentions in Part 1, this time, I had it. Because when I would normally just politely move a person (or their body part) out of the way, this time I took the back of my hand and shoved his knee out of my face. After this, me and Ty ended our session here.

Ty and I went to stand on line for the bathroom, and while he stood there naked, I finally got to see why guys were playing with his ass while he fucked me. Because it was beautiful. However, that doesn't excuse these guys from maintaining some degree of etiquette by as I say again...FIND YOUR OWN FUCKING FUN. A little while after this is when I bottomed for the Israeli, and everything else I told about in Part 1.

With all the hotties gone, and the party close to over, I was on the verge of leaving myself. When I went to get my clothes, I sensed some disappointment from Ty that I was leaving. And to be honest, I was feeling the same. Because I got the sense that this fun between us was not completely satisfied. I knew it wasn't satisfied from my end, so I wanted to find out if he felt the same, or was it just wishful thinking. Hence why I kept conversating with Ty and the helpers. As everyone - host, helpers, and myself were dressed to leaved, Ty asked me where I was going. I told him, "Home...Unless you have a better idea."

His reply was with a sexy sly grin, "I might".

After a lot of back and forth amongst everyone about what to do next, since it was just after midnight, Ty asked me, "Do you want to come home with me?"

I shrugged my shoulders and gave a very nonchalant reply of, "Sure". But of course while doing so, I was holding back a smile like that of the Cheshire cat from "Alice In Wonderland".

Because the dirty fantasy now playing in my head was us not waiting until we got back to his place. I wanted to start right there on the street, with me dropping trou, undoing his pants, giving him a condom, re-lubing my ass, and bending over so he can ride my ass all the way back to his place. That means him thrusting into my ass with every step down the street, down the subway stairs, on the subway ride, up the subway stairs, down the streets to his place, to the elevator, in the elevator, to the apartment, and once in the apartment, somehow manage to take off all of our clothes without disconnecting his hungry dick from my hungry hole.

Even though that was the fantasy that had a very small chance of me trying to make into reality had it not been for the cold weather that night, the reality was still good.

We talked on the way to the train station and on the train ride. And I mentioned my porn past. I wasn't going to get too into it, but he wanted to know more, because he said he was looking into doing porn. I did tell of my reasons for leaving and how those reasons led to my dislike of an overwhelming amount of studio-based porn. That's why because of my knowing he was interested in doing porn, during the sex, in the midst of my loud moans and groans, I wanted to scream, "We-need-a-camera-in-here-recording-this-to-show-that-THIS-IS-WHAT-PORN-SEX-IS-SUPPOSED-TO-BE! OH FUCK, YES!!!!"

And I hope a studio does right by him. Because TRUST ME, I would love to watch him fuck, but only if he's paired with someone he has a genuine attraction to. Otherwise, it's the very brand of fucking I'll be talking about in (at the least) one of my poems, "Exhibitionist vs. Whore" come January 7th.

That genuine attraction is what had us practically doing the gay Kama Sutra. And what made me enjoy the sex even more was that he kept the lights, not dim or off,....but ON. This gave me the pleasing sight to see his pleasing body pleasure me.

The lights didn't go off until we were done. And we went on for quite awhile. Then come morning, since I don't sleep long, I laid there awake in a new cuddling position loving the feel of his smooth skin. When he seemed like he was waking up, he stroked the top of my head as I was laying under his stretched out arm. I stroked his side, down his chest, and down to touch his cock. A cock that I discovered had become morning wood. Morning wood eager to get into me again. And me eager to accept it again. So began Round 3, another long fuck session with me giving him all of the points of "coming close' and needing to stop like Round 2 when we first got to his place. And with one squeeze of my sphincter too many for him, Ty couldn't hold it anymore, and he filled another condom with his load.

My friend Photo Freedom was planning a photoshoot for later that week, but giving preference to new faces. So with knowledge of Ty's prospects, I suggested him. Hence how the above pictures came to be.

Now with so much praise over how my last pics came out with someone with whom the sexual attraction never went beyond the front of the camera,

what do you think of these taken with someone where the sexual attraction was explored before, during, and another 4 Rounds after being in front of the camera?

Yes guys! A couple of hours after the shoot, we went to the Milk Chocolate NYC party in Park Slope. There, with 4 fucks in 4 different areas of the party space, the clothes-check guy referred to us as "The MVPs" of the party.

But that might be another story....

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