Saturday, May 9, 2009

When Kruezer Cruises Me

Some of you may recall a comment on my post against The's Paul Bookstaber calling me "Damon Kruezer-crazy". I had no idea of who Damon Kruezer was, but I do hear that he has a bad reputation. However, since he is following me on Twitter, I thought I'd take the time to check him out.

Something told me that I was on his site somewhere, so I scrolled down the page, and what do you know - I found this:
DAMON is impressed with the relevance, IQ level and energy of Xavier's comments on a rival site. We've noticed he always has something of value, interest, or of an entertaining nature to say, whether it's about Poppers or Rupert Everett. Fueled by a passionate concern for the industry and his quest for that elusive goal of legitimacy, Xavier is fully versatile and all natural with no artificial ingredients that I can discern. Xavier is also an excellent performer when he's not commenting or blogging at Yet he's barely mentioned- if at all - by my two top competitors, although Jet Set Men's CHRIS STEELE to his credit has been in recent touch with him. Could this have something to do with the fact he's black? Or maybe something to do with the fact he's considered "controversial" by some, something with which we can identify? Whatever it is, DAMON thinks TRE XAVIER is uniquely appealing as a man, compelling as a writer, and is a must-watch in his video scenes. This is our first mention of TRE XAVIER - but we doubt if it will be the last.

To answer his questions, I believe alot of my not reported on has to do with my being Black. As well as the fact that unlike most porn actors' blogs, I write many things of substance, and don't have a big name studio or agency's press people behind me, like those that push the name of most porn actors with their so common nothing-of-substance blogs to sites like The Sword, Fleshbot, Gay Porn Blog, and the like.

Considering what I've heard and read about him, I still have yet to past judgement on Damon Kruezer. But considering how many of you loyal readers feel about me, I hope you feel in this case at least, he's dead on.

1 comment:

  1. Give him time. Damon will turn on you. After of course telling a tale of how you two spent an incredible night together and he knows you better than anyone in the world. LOL


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