Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The K Files: The End

When I first started "The K Files", I said that the more that was done to me at that law firm, the more I would reveal of what the "K' stands for. I have come as far as referring to the firm as K & K LLP. That is until now. Due to the fact that as of March 18, 2009, I became no longer employed by K & K LLP, I am now revealing that K & K LLP stands for KENYON & KENYON LLP. Because now, all bets are off.

Please don't tell me that you're surprised. It was only a matter of time before that fateful day came around. And it was for the same reason I was brought into the office before - lateness. What aggravates me about it, is just as I claimed in a previous entry in "The K Files" that my records were singled out. The Human Resources Director brought me into the office checking my keycard for what time I arrived, when I am well aware of other(s) who should have been brought into the office for a reprimand as well, but were not. This is singling me out for my taking a stand when situations are being mishandled.

There are some of you reading this right now thinking that if that's the risk I was taking, then I shouldn't have said anything. And to that, while it sounds cruel, the fact remains that I must say, that's why I love being me, and I am so eternally glad to not be you.

I do understand that some people have families that they must take care of. But how can you look your children in the face knowing that you have a voice that can inspire needed change, yet you lessen your worth as a human being by saying nothing, thereby sacrificing your human rights. What kind of role model are you to your children? And for those who don't want children - fine, then look at it this way. We are all put on this earth to inspire one another to better ourselves. Therefore, if you say nothing in a situation where your fellow person is being wronged, you stand no chance of bettering your co-workers, but more importantly, your superiors. What kind of inspiration will you be to anyone (be they children, friends, or family) if you're playing bobble-head doll? Not a very good one.

Am I upset to no longer be at Kenyon & Kenyon LLP? Most certainly NOT. If I am going to work for a company, I like to have some degree of loyalty to them, and because of how my time as a temp was handled, the loyalty I gave to them when I entered their doors in April of 2002, died after a 2-year wait to become permanent.

Yes, you read correct - a 2-year wait. That's 2 years without any kind of insurance benefits, be it life, medical, and/or dental. And my hard work made me more than deserving of it. As a temp, I learned how to work the machine used to process the mail while the permanent employees who had years on me, sat on their butts not knowing the 1st thing about how to use it. I also quickly committed to memory all the attorneys on all 11 floors of the building, and still kept committing them to memory as they changed over and over again during my nearly 7 years there, with co-workers (both with and without seniority) coming to me to find out where an attorney is located. It got so bad that sometimes I had to snap on them and tell them to look in the directory, because I knew I would not be there forever as their "go-to" guy, so they were going to have to learn all those things for themselves, just as I did for myself.

With all that in mind, is it any surprise that I had no loyalty? Is it a shock that I committed less to memory as time went on? The administrative staff at Kenyon & Kenyon LLP was unappreciative of all we put up with. When I first arrived there, we had a manager who was a blatant racist, and they were inept enough to let his 40+ years there to take anything he said as gospel truth, ignoring our side of the story. Remember as I have said before, "The follower of a fool is a bigger fool than the original". Therefore, if the administrative staff is following the lead of this racist pig, then what does that say about them? Following a guy who when he died, some of my co-workers said they went to his funeral to make sure he was dead. I myself refused to attend, because I knew I would have done the same.

Do not think that I am not taking responsibility for my lateness problem, because I am. One thing I am is that I pride myself on being self-aware of my strengths and weaknesses. Chronic lateness coming about is based on a weakness of mine. For me, chronic lateness is brought about as my mind throws a subconscious monkey wrench into my schedule, and it throws that monkey wrench because the truth is that I don't want to go where I am going. With all that have transpired in "The K Files", can you honestly blame me for not wanting to go there every Monday through Friday morning? While many people I've talked too understand my discontent, and are aware of that HR Director's reputation for inhumanity, the weakness on my part was that I let all that get to me to where my common sense allowed that monkey wrench to make it's way into my morning schedule. That I admit was my faltering, but it doesn't change the fact that if me and my co-workers were treated properly in the 1st place, I wouldn't be justified in my discontent.

The problem is that lateness unwillingly transferred into the part of my life to my prepping for places where I did want to go. Since being thankfully let go from Kenyon, I am now starting to show up on time for things I want to be a part of again. In fact, those of you who follow me on Twitter, may have noticed me recently mentioning my doing a Fu Manchu movie for a friend. The time to be there was 12 noon. What time did I arrive? Me ever so precise got there at 12 noon. I was so proud of myself, because that was one of many recent signs within these past 2 months that shows that being ousted from a place like Kenyon was the best thing for me. Because now, I am getting back to me.

With all that said, I am glad to bid Kenyon & Kenyon LLP "Adieu", and let you know that when it comes to "The K Files", with the most extreme bliss, this as far as I'm concerned is THE END.

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