Thursday, May 7, 2009


When you go to a gay bar or club, don't you get sick of the women trying to push pass you to get to the go-go boy or bartender because they think he's straight? Even though they may be right, isn't it disgusting that straight woman come to a gay bar and behave this way? I mean how desperate can you get?

Well the other day, I came up with a name for these females (not women or ladies). A name that I should have also used in my attacks on gay-for-pay actors and the females who involve themselves with these guys.

I think this one name says it all ---- proof-fucks. It may sound crude, but considering what these females do to themselves, as I will point out, this name does them justice much to my chagrin.

"Proof-fucks" are girls that come in 2 types.

One type of "proof-fuck" is a girl who goes out to gay bar or clubs with the intent of seducing one of the cute straight employees. The problem with this type of "proof-fuck" is that they give their body to a male in order to prove her womanhood to herself. When in reality, in the guy's eye, she is nothing more than a toy that he can play with to prove that he's straight. Furthermore, to add insult to injury, she doesn't prove her womanhood, because a real woman would not feel the need to go to a gay bar to seek out a straight man. A real lady, a real woman knows she's a woman, and has no need to play such games to prove herself. So "proof-fucks" are actually overgrown little girls.

For the record, I personally have no problem with straight men as go-go boys or bartenders, just as long as they stay true to their being straight by not allowing a certain line of physical contact to be crossed. It's not wrong to fantasize about a straight guy, nor is it wrong for him to allow himself to be fantasized about. But it is wrong for him to prostitute his straight orientation with physical acts that clearly say the opposite of his said orientation.

This brings me to the other type of "proof-fuck". I saved this type for last, because they are the worst kind. Their being the worst kind is not my problem. It's theirs, because they are their own worst enemy by getting in to long-term relationships with these guys lying to themselves about how totally straight they are knowing that these guys have sex with men as escorts or as porn actors. The girl being a "proof-fuck" is once again more defined by the guy's actions, because that girl's real purpose is to help him keep up the lie to himself that he's totally straight, using sex with her as the proof. So since she's lying to herself as well by thinking that she's more than a "proof-fuck", it doesn't say much for her character either. In order for these girls to become women they need to realize that just saying, "I got a man", is not the way to completion, because if they're taking up with a guy that's using them this way, then he's not a man to begin with.

Well I guess it's like they say....birds of a feather flock together. In this case - they fuck together.

This actually makes me sad to have to say all this, because I hold women and their intellect in such high regard, and to see so many females who should be considered women, but show actions that show clearly they are not, distresses me. These girls need to get it together, sooner rather than later.

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  1. I like this "proof-fuck" analogy you talk about here...


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