Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thanks Wanda ---- IDGAF Neither

By now, many of you should be used to me causing a commotion of some kind by some of the things I say. Some people, when they so often cause such a ruckus feel sorry about the fact that they did. I believe that this short bit from Wanda Sykes HBO special "Sick and Tired", best describes whether or not I'm one of those people, AND why such is the case.

So those of you who are the faint of heart and/or guilty parties should take this as a warning. Hurting your feelings is not my problem. And as long as a mishandling is being done at mine or my fellow person's expense, I am not going to change from this. The subject matters I have planned to deal with soon with let you further know of how much I plan to back up my words.

I've long loved that bit from that Wanda Sykes special, and have been wanting to use that clip for some time now. With my recently comment appearing in The Advocate, and the steam that is probably coming out of the ears of the head of those studios named in that comment, I decided now was as good a time as any to use that clip to comically explain what motivates me to say the things I say without fear of replies, fear of the infantile studio retaliations you read about, as well as fear of the retaliations gay porn news sites are fully aware of yet sweep under the rug.

For giving me a comical way to explain this, I have to say, THANKS WANDA.

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