Friday, May 8, 2009

Big-Dicked Degman

This morning I went to my Facebook page and saw a link posted by Andy Towle, author of the blog, Towleroad. The link was to a post on Towleroad about new Armani Exchange model, Kerry Degman. Let me start by saying that Kerry Degman is another guy I am in absolute lust with. I know I said that just last week about FlavaWorks stud, Elmo Jackson. That's the beauty of being in lust - you can be in lust with a gazillion people and there's nothing wrong with it. And with a lust-bucket like me, you know I do lust for a gazillion - at least. And Kerry Degman is definitely one in that gazillion.

I looked at the thumbnail to Andy Towle's Facebook post, and saw this picture of Kerry. And even in the thumbnail, I noticed something that I've often said before about Kerry Degman, but this time, I thought I'd make it public. If you haven't noticed already-----

-----Kerry Degman is packin' some beef in those skivvies. HOT DAMN!!!!

I first noticed this in these other pictures of him. You might notice that Kerry's crotch in the OhLaLaMag pics, and initially in the Armani pics look smooth to the point that you can assume that it's padding.

BUT in the video however, there are points where you can see Kerry has a pretty nice size bulge. Especially after coming out of that water. It's safe to assume that he's also inciting my fetish for hot guys being wet.

This leads me to this question ----Is he a grower or a shower?

How ever big it gets, I'm sure it's a pleasant sight to see. Now if only I could find out if his dick feels as good as I'm sure it looks. After all, the only definites of a big dick is that there's more cock to look at, therefore take in. Whether there's more pleasure to be had however, is not a definite.

Now, this fascination with Kerry Degman's manhood may seem to go against my claim that I am NOT a size queen. And I still stand by that statement, I'm not. I'm just fascinated by cocks in general, and I should list as another definite about big cocks is that there's more to be fascinated by, that's all. I don't have a rule that says a small cock is not allowed to boink my ass. Because based on my experience, of the guys I've been with who have small dicks (and there are a few), only 1 guy made me have to do some serious acting like he was hitting the spot. Acting that I've also done with some guys with 9" or more. And this was before I started doing porn. I guess I always had the talent in me to act like a guy knows what he's doing when in actuality, he doesn't have a clue.

Getting back to Kerry Degman, I don't know anything about his off-camera life, so let's assume he's straight. First of all, I hope he's cool knowing that me and many other gay men look at him wanting what they can't have. Secondly, based on the sensations I've imagined that pipe of his can give, I know the name of whatever girl he lays that pipe into....

....It's Lucky.


  1. While I am as fascinated as you are with big bulges, I'm kind of surprised that you don't realize that there's a distinction between a big basket and a big dick. In my experience, baskets have far more to do with the ballsize than anything else. Big soft dicks tend to just fade away without balls to support them- and a lot of guys with small dicks and big balls look like they are seriously packing when they really aren't.

    That doesn't even touch the difference between showers and growers. It just strikes me as odd that someone as experiences as you doesn't seem to realize that filling out your shorts has very little correlation with being well endowed.

  2. Actually, I am well aware of the difference in most guys. But I'm talking about 1 guy in particular right now.

    With that in mind, let me make clear that I am VERY detail-oriented (that's why I have so many exes LOL) who is so good at it that I see details without even trying. Such is the case here where in those quick flashes in the video, I've seen the outline where I can see the difference between what part of that bulge is his cock and which part is his balls. And Kerry seems pretty OK in both departments.


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