Thursday, May 21, 2009

Messy Boy For The Birthday Boy

I've mentioned before how I'm still in touch with the French guy I talked about in French Kiss, Big Bliss by way of social networking sites. On one of those sites, I saw that his birthday was coming up, and an unexpected fantasy flew into my head of what kind of present I'd like to give him.

I never have sexual fantasies involving food. The whole whipped cream, chocolate sauce thing has been said and done so many times that it's a cliche therefore boring to me. So I think with that boredom, I subconsciously upped the ante on that fantasy. In this fantasy, there's whipped cream, maybe some chocolate sauce, but it will all be on his birthday cake.

My fantasy has him walking through the door where I surprise him with a cake. Not a big one. One that is big enough for two. We'll share a slice. He's the birthday boy, so he gets 1st bite. I take a bite, then when I fed it to him again so he can take his next bite, I'll smear it on his face.

He'll have a look of shock on his face, I'm sure. But his shock won't end there, because then I would passionately kiss him, then strip him. First, the shirt - and what good is stripping a hot guy of his shirt if you don't do some nipple play? Then his pants, which once revealed, I would once again be reunited to see that monster-thick cock again. I would only lick the head. I wouldn't suck it just yet. I've sucked it before, this time there would be a twist to the sucking that would make the wait on that worth both our whiles. I would not leave out playing with those balls, and definitely not the ass. His ass I may be on for a while, because that was something I didn't play with so much before. Plus, I am ass-man, and that's what ass-men do with ass - we rim, eat, massage, finger, spank, jiggle, put a hickey on, and of course fuck into oblivion. Did I leave anything out? Because in short, anything we find visually stunning to do to an ass, we ass-men will do. I've done it, and I've had it done to me with some very rewarding results.

The cake has now been left untouched long enough, so it's time to put it to my personal intent for its use.

Now with him there completely naked, I'll start smearing the cake all over his torso, groin, and ass. Preferably some light-colored frosting and whipped cream. I'll use light-colored frosting because he'll be having me, so he has more than enough chocolate to play with by way of my milk chocolate skin and my dark chocolate dick. After the cake is smeared all over him, I'll go back to licking him all over again, but this time it will have some added flavor, as if he isn't tasty enough. If you ever see this guy, you'd know what I mean. This is when I'll spend more time sucking his dick. Then with the cake smear all over his skin by my thorough licking, I'd lay him down on the table and give him what he definitely said he wanted from me the next time he sees me.

When we've chatted since hooking up that great night, while we both admitted to wanting to do each other again, he confided that next time - he wanted me to be the top. And him letting me know that is a thought that has yet to leave my mind. My only concern is that the thought of sticking my hard cock in his asshole that because of his firm & toned musculature, will probably be so tight that it will milk my dick bone dry of cum way sooner than I intend on giving it. Let's hope should come that sweet day, that won't be the case. Because in this fantasy, I want some of that cake frosting smear on him to start melting from his body heat, and even more intense heat when I fuck his ass, so the frosting will start melting on me as well. If this could ever happen, I'd better remember to make shaving my pubes part of the plan.

The whole time fucking him, I would jerk his dick. I would hope I cum first, so I could spend the rest of the time jerk and sucking his dick using the melting frosting as lube, so he could blow a load, and the only signs will be the sounds of his orgasm and the jumping of his shaft muscles squeezing out that cum wad. Now should this happen while sucking him off, because I do recall loving the challenge of sucking his incredibly thick cock, I'll also have as a sign the suddenly salty twang from that cum wad mixed in with the sweetness of the flavor of the light-colored frosting. By the sight of it, I won't be able to tell which part of goo oozed from him.

This would be highly unusual messy sex for me. The most mess I like to deal with in sex is the mess of wiping off a big load of cum off of me. But then again, being some degree of messy should not be a surprise, because even with getting a cumbath, I hate to wipe it off. Seriously. I have yet to do it, but I want to lay there in the bed with his cum all over me, and calling it a done deal. So I can wake up the next morning with my brown skin stained with the dried white chalky remains that are the fruits of his labor when he decided to have sex with me.

So I guess I can be a messy boy. Who knew?

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