Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monday Night's Winning Streak

I'm not a gambling man. Really, I'm not. But this past Monday, I went to 2 bars, both having raffle prizes, and won, not only at 1 of the bars, but BOTH of them.

My 1st stop was View Bar here in NYC for their Monday night party, WOOF! That night they were celebrating Manuel Torres' birthday, so I decided to go, because I think quite well of Manuel. You see, when I was going to perform for the 1st time on Will Clark's Bad Boys On The Hudson Sea Tea, I sent and email out to all of the other performers telling them how honored I was to be amongst them. "Them" being well-known names at the time like Kyle Douglas, Scott Spears, Pete Ross, and my personal lust object, Jason Dean. While do recall getting an email reply from Scott Spears, on the day of the Sea Tea, Manuel Torres was the 1st person to come up and welcome me into the group. Others followed, but you know like they say, you never forget your first.

At WOOF!, there is always a number of raffles held throughout the evening with porn DVDs as the usual giveaway. Tonight, all of the DVDs given away featured Manuel Torres. I was there long enough for about 2 raffle drawings. During the 1st drawing, the numbers 094 and 095 were called. I thought after that, plus new customers were coming in which meant more tickets were being added to the pot, that my number, 096, was an impossibility.

But I was wrong.

I met a guy outside, short, White, and wearing a baseball cap. We talked and hung out with him. We came back inside together for the next raffle drawing, and to my shock, I heard the numbers "0-9-6". At first, I was actually going to let it go, because I feel I have enough porn in my collection. But when I got up there an found out what movie I was getting, while I maintained my composure, I was more than a little excited. The movie I won was Raging Stallion's "Hot Properties". My excitement is because Jason Dean was in that movie. You might think I'd be disappointed being that Jason Dean bottoms in his movies while my fantasies about him have us in a raunchy flip-fucking session, but I have a well-equipped enough imagination to take in the sight of his beautiful naked ass, and let my imagination do the rest.

And that cumshot makes me wish I was there to do pull-ups on that circular staircase to get feed his warm protein-enhanced man-milk.

Me and this guy I met, hung out some more , and he suggested doing to Barracuda for a nightcap. I totally forgot that someone earlier at View Bar mentioned that they were giving away tickets to see Beyoncé. They gave out raffle tickets, and while hesitant to take one, I took it anyway. Now, I wasn't hesitant because I hate Beyoncé, because I don't. I was hesitant because I thought that since I already won 1 raffle, there was little chance of me winning another.

WRONG AGAIN! This was quite unsettling to me, because (call me a typical arrogant Aries for saying it, but) I'm usually right.

They called the number, and HOLY FUCKIN' SHIT! - it was mine. I got 2 tickets to see Beyoncé. When I got to the stage, The drag queen hosting, Peppermint, had me do something unthinkable to me. I had to do the dance to "Single Ladies". I winged it much to my chagrin, because (1) I hear so many gay men play that song that I am now sick of it, and (2) so many queenie males try to imitate that very well-crafted, intricate, and FEMININE dance, that unless you're in good drag (therefore it is not obvious that you have a dick and balls), doing that dance doesn't look good, just as it didn't look good with me trying it.

After leaving the stage, I discovered the guy I was had left without so much as a goodbye. I gave him my card earlier in the night, so if he wanted to be a man, and apologize for leaving like he did, he has my email and phone number to do so. An apology so overdue now since that was Monday night, and it is now Thursday. Therefore, justice would be him getting a tattoo of a bold "L" place on his forehead standing for "LOSER".


Because you know after winning those tickets, I now have other prospects. I got asked if I had someone to go with as soon as I got off the stage, and had people coming up to me congratulating me for the rest of my time there. People who I've seen at other places, but never said a word to me. It's tempting to use these tickets to such an advantage, because I'm sure you aware of how much dick, ass, and pussy I could get because I have these tickets. I could fuck all day, give the impression that they'll be my date, then give them an unpleasant dirty fuck when I fuck them over and take somebody else. But then I'll be a loser like the guy I met at View Bar.

What makes this so funny to see people's reaction is the fact that I know that these tickets are nose-bleed seats. I'm not complaining because I got them for free, but that's the reality. So many people that night wanted to be my friend, for seats high up in the air at Madison Square Garden that you probably couldn't call Beyoncé on a megaphone for her to hear you. Even with that being the case, I plan on having fun with whoever I decide to take along.

AND it's for June 22nd. So THANKS Peppermint and Barracuda, for one heck of a way to kick off my Gay Pride Week here in New York. Whoo-hoo!

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