Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks FlavaWorks, I See Paris Loves Color

I recently saw FlavaWorks new release, The World Of Flava: PARIS. I saw this trailer and a few things came to mind.
Let me start by stating that if you don't know already ----


I would love to give him the flip-fuck of his life with him being a top at least 70% of the time. I just want some of my hard-on to be from the feel and sound of my groin slapping against that bubble butt of his.

Yes, me having sex with him could be considered robbing the cradle, but who gives a fuck! I damn sure don't because (1) he's legal, (2) he's uncut - I love playing with uncut cocks on American men, and (3) if you've seen this seemingly petite guy fuck a hole, you'll know why I'm drooling while writing this now, where the rest of my hard-on is going to go, and what is going to inspire my bustin' a nut. Check out his 3-way scene with fellow American hottie Breion Diamond, and 1 of my new French lust objects, Cyann.

Now, what you might not be aware of is the number of men of color there are in France. Of the many Europeans that I've been with, after seeing this movie, I realized that most of those Europeans were Frenchmen. In fact, I'm still in touch with most of them. Some of whom have long ago confirmed the what I at the time wasn't privy to, the fact that the number of men of color in France is pretty substantial. Substantial enough to contradict what American media will lead you to believe.

When I saw that this movie was coming out, I had an online chat with one of those Frenchmen. The guy from "French Kiss, Big Bliss". I told him that I wish FlavaWorks took me along when they were doing this movie. You see, me and that guy have an agreement that whoever gets to the other's country first, let them know they're on their way, so we can make plans for a "reunion". A reunion where I'm going to be a top. And I've said it here before, I love topping guys with big dicks, and this guy has a fuckin' beer can for me to play with while fucking his hole. Yes, a beer can thick dick my tight hole took in by only being royally lubed and popper-free. And I was so anxious, once inside it was pain-free as well with nothing but pleasure in every thrust.

For those who are thinking how hot a scene that would be. You are so right, and although he's definitely hot enough, he's not interested in doing porn. So should this "reunion' take place, much to my chagrin, it will be a hot one with no cameras allowed.

Because besides the guy from "French Kiss, Big Bliss", I recently ran into another Frenchmen from my past at a club. He has an identical twin brother who lives here, so everytime I see that face, I let him make the 1st move to make sure it's him and not his twin brother. Well, he never tells me he's coming to New York, so I find out he's here by chance run-ins. And everytime he visits here, we at the least wound up making out EVERYTIME, and the most of those makeout sessions have ended up with us leaving the club to get naked where he's staying.

I am by no means getting off track here. While the tales of those 2 Frenchmen are hot stories to tell, they help me get to my original point. That point being that the number of men of color in France may very well explain why these Frenchmen approached me so easily. There's a possibility that I was seen as something exotic. There's an even greater possibility that I was seen closer to being one of the men of color they are used to seeing. I don't look anything like the image of the tall, dark-skinned, muscled-up gym-rat Black man that the big name American studios put out there to say to everyone across the globe, "this is what a Black MAN looks like", when all the while, there's a wide variety of men of color here in America as well. Which leads me to come to the conclusion of how I have to sadly repeat how America is a behind society that needs to catch up, because Europeans (and in this case, French in particular) seem a great deal more appreciative of the variety of men of color in body type and skin color than Americans.

Wouldn't it be both strange and great at the same time if this movie featuring men of color from both sides of the Atlantic be the film that makes American get a clue of the beauty within the men of color rainbow. I mean look at the selection of hotties you have. From America, you have the aforementioned Breion Diamond and Elmo Jackson, and from France you have the also aforementioned new object of lust, Cyann along with my other new lust objects, Jordan Micheals, Kilian Smith, Abdel, and Rio Jermahl.

The hotness in that male color rainbow is so beyond all the words I've said so far that I have to say, "See you later", because I need another helping of lustful viewing ----RIGHT NOW.

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