Sunday, April 26, 2009

Should I Go For The Go-Go Digits?

Friday night, I went to a bar that I go to about every other week. One of the go-go boys seems to always flirt with me telling me "Don't be shy" when I tip him. And he wasn't talking about me being cheap with the tips. He's talking about me being free to feel him up. Well, it's obvious he doesn't know who he's talking to. After all, he is talking to Tré Xavier. So if anything, I was practicing restraint since Tré Xavier's exhibitionist spirit will have both me and the go-go boy in trouble, because while the go-go boy is on the bar, I'll suck his dick for his cumload like I was sucking a straw to get the last milky bit of a milkshake from Johnny Rockets.

Now, I'm not naive. I know his offer can be taken a number of ways. He could be just that willing to put himself that far out there to get groped by anybody for a buck. OR he could really want me to not be shy with him, because after all, go-go boys are human males just like the rest of us males. So they are able to see someone in the crowd that tickles their fancy. Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part, or maybe I'm catching a real vibe. Either way, with all those listed possibilities as to why he said this, it's hard to take to heart. Which led me to my dilemma last night.

When he was about to leave, I saw him out of the corner of my eye saying goodbyes to customers who were standing on the same side of the bar as me. I was talking to friends at the time with all intentions of letting him go his way. Then all of the sudden, without my saying a word to him, he hugged me and told me to come back Saturday so he could get my contact info, so he could text me.

My thought was, "Holy shit! Where the fuck did that come from?" Because honestly, just like I said, I saw him, but wasn't focusing on him. Then this happens.

So my dilemma was ---- should I have went to that bar Saturday or not? Because truth be told, I would not at all mind letting him pound my ass with some rapid Latin fire, and me riding his dick like I was on a bucking bronco at top speed.

I posted this question up on my Facebook page Saturday afternoon, and only 1 friend offered advice. And it seems we were on the same page with this, so what I was really looking or was confirmation. He said just what I thought to myself from the beginning. He said if I go, don't expect anything. And I wasn't, because I know that will only lead to disappointment if he doesn't say a word to me.

Well, I made my decision. And I'm about to be just that gay by quoting a show tune by saying, "And I'm telling you....I'm not going."

And it was not because of fear of disappointment. It's because I was freakin' tired. I went bar-hopping Friday night. First to Frisky Fridays new spot at D-Tox, then to this bar where I ran into this go-go boy, then left the bar with a hot guy who I fooled around with spooning, and beat each other's meat with until early afternoon. With all that, even though the only alcoholic drink I had that night was 1 vodka tonic, I think me and my liver need at least 1 night off from the bar scene. If were meant to hook-up and fuck like rabbits, we will in due time.

I'm not big on muscles (which he does have), but with that ass - here's to hoping that due time comes VERY soon.


  1. I'm surprised so few people comment on your blog. You're a hot number. I wish you made more videos. You're great in the Black Funk! videos. Are Alpha Dawgz going to make any more videos? They should make one featuring all uncut actors just to put that out there. The ones that are like soap operas are also hot and fun.

  2. Since I greatly appreciate your comments, I hate to correct you, but the name is Forbidden Funk Media.
    As for Alpha Dawgz, I don't know if they're making anymore videos. For your compliments, I hate giving the bad news to you that between them hiring the likes of Tyson Cane as a director, and being unable to get videos from them for appearances, I really don't have much concern about their future.

  3. So you didn't go? That's silly. He took a chance by asking you, and by not going you didn't meet his risk taking.

    If you see him again, go up, apologize for not showing up and get the boy's information.


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