Friday, April 24, 2009

Summer Lust At Sea featuring Owen & Victor

As I always try to inspire a horny weekend for you guys, I thought I show some video that I never posted from one of this past summer's Sea Teas. Owen Hawk and Victor Steele were the performers.

As usual when porn stars are performing on the Sea Tea, the crowd goes wild. I should know, forget about on stage, but I've seen quite a bit of "fro-licking" happening amongst the audience when I've done Will Clark's Bad Boys On The Hudson Sea Tea. And this Sea Tea was no different. In fact, while I was standing there just watching the show with camcorder in hand for when I could squeeze into the horny crowd to get some still and/or video shots, I found my pants getting undone, then wound up making out with a cute couple nearby. And it's things like what you'll see in the video that incited such behavior. Behavior I was very much welcoming might I add.

My dick was already hard, because I like many was gawking at Owen Hawk's always scrumptious bubble butt and Victor Steele playing with his cock that seems to never go flaccid. Add to that my personal memory of rimming both of their asses at one time or another. So it was good to have some cute guys come along to release some of my tension. Maybe this video will get your balls rolling on releasing some of yours - pun intended. Enjoy:


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