Monday, April 6, 2009

Arch Required For My Foe, The Faux-Ass

This is me making up for the venting I did on Friday. It's all about the ass.

During my photoshoots with Tyson Cane, one thing I've always hated in his shoots was him making me pose with my back arched. People who conform and stick to formulas lack individuality, therefore they are people who annoy the holy fuck out of me. And as much as I tried to ignore it, asking me to arch my back was a clear sign of Tyson Cane being one such person. He was so stuck on a formula, instead of making up new rules based on the reality in front of him. That formula being what I refer to as the "faux-ass", the practice of porn models arching their back during a photoshoot in order to give the impression that the model has a protruding ass that isn't really there. And this is usually done with White models who may have nice asses, but not the great asses that protrude as much as they want you to believe.
Now, I don't really praise my ass much, but with the reality in front of his face being that I'm a Black man with a protruding derriere, every time Tyson Cane told me to arch my back, I was so on the edge of screaming, "WOULD YOU GET A MOTHER FUCKIN' CLUE?! I DON'T NEED TO ARCH MY BACK, BECAUSE GUESS WHAT....I HAVE AN ASS, YOU DUMB ASS! IN FACT, I HAVE ENOUGH ASS THAT I COULD SHARE THE FUCKIN' WEALTH!!!!"
Now to answer those of you who may be asking, "Yo Tré, then why don't you share the wealth?"
Well, I must say to answer that, I just feel this is what God gave me, you guys like it, so in this regard ---- I'm going to be a stingy bitch.
I may have a nice ass, but I'm no Raphael Alencar.

A pillow with drool-guard should be molded from that beauty specimen of ass, because I would definitely be licking and drooling on it from the second I lay my head on it, and continue that as I sleep.
When I see them use that pose of arching the back, or shots taken a special angle on all these mediocre-ass-having models, I start paraphrasing the famous line from this scene in the movie, "Crocodile Dundee".

So in this case, I look at guys like that and say, "That's not an ass ----", I then turn around and drop trou, point to my backside, and continue with, "
----that's an ASS.
Thanks to the racism I've seen in the adult industry, as much as I hate it, I have to say that to myself to remember as much as these bigoted studio heads try ignoring the beauty of well-endowed Black booty, I, and my fellow fine-assed Black porn actors are still hot, lust-instilling commodities with no arch required.

I will admit, there are some White models who never, ever have to arch their back or have a special angle used for a photo to make them appear to have junk in the trunk. To use thsoe tricks in their photos is just as it is in my photos - overkill. So for them, I would love to lay on my back, with heels pointed to heaven, and massage those 2 plump round mounds during and in between every thrust into my ass.
I'll even name my favorite to prove my point.
T.J. Cummings - Even though he's a straight porn actor, I have lusted for this man before I started really watching gay porn. Although, as it turns out, as I watched more gay porn, I discovered he has a gay porn past (under the name "Nick Steele"). That is one White guy with an ass that has the juiciness usually associated with a Black booty. And that ass is why he is my all-time favorite American straight porn actor. I wish he would come back to gay porn, just once - for me.
Now, I could have made my point in a sentence or two, but I do believe that this way was more entertaining. That point being, that if a studio wants to show off a great ass, then find a model with a great ass. Get off your "White is the only beauty" regimen, and stop using bullshit back-arching and photo angles to create illusions. Find models, who have the real thing no matter what color they are.


  1. I do not entirely agree with your premise, although my opinions stem from someone in the roll of an outsider looking in.

    While I do agree that photographers make the models arch their backs to show off their buttocks, is this always because they'd rather get small-assed white guys? Honestly, I think it's really from a complete lack of imagination, vision, and creativity from the porn industry.

    Walk into any porn store and look at the wall of box fronts. Aside from title treatment, they are practically indistinguishable. As are the promo, posters, etc for said porn.

    It's not just a guy arching his back to show off his ass. It's the same damn pose!

    To wit, why would Cane ask you to arch your back? Is it to show off what he considers your best feature? Or does he just lack the vision and creativity to think outside the box?

    Now, there are guys who are "ass-men." They are all about the booty. That's the ONE thing that draws, and keeps, their attention. So perhaps this back-arching is merely playing to a sub-section of the market? As a marketing tactic, it is flawed - not everyone is an assman. So this alienates those those that like cock, hip-flexors, serratus and the various other parts of the male anatomy that men lust for.

    At the end of the day I think guys like Tyson Cane and Michael Lukas are tools who are feeding gruel to a market that has subsisted on moldy bread. (For the record, Lukas is also a douchebag).

    Personally, if I were in your position I'd be more exasperated than angry.

  2. Well, I'm sticking to my premise. BUT I will admit that your comment did add another dimension to it. Because while I stand by basically saying that they'd rather get small-assed white guys, and make the APPEAR to have a juicy ass, it is also as you said, a lack of imagination, vision, and creativity from the porn industry overall.

    And YES, Tyson Cane simply does lack the creatvity to think outside the box, because in order to show what may be considered my best feature, all I have to do is turn around. The same way I did in the picture of myself I used in the post. I chose that pic because I didn't arch my back at all for that pic. That bump is all natural with no arch required.


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