Monday, April 20, 2009

Provoked Re-Iterations: Fuck 1, Fuck 2, Fuck 3

Over the course of this blog, especially in recent months, there have been some things that I've said that I think needs a brief re-iteration. I might make this into a category, I've haven't made up my mind on that yet. But until then, let's re-iterate...

RE-ITERATION 1 - Some people who have never been in front of a camera seem to be under this impression that what porn actors do is so much acting. So if they're straight, gay-for-pay is OK. If they're not into a certain race, they should do the scene anyway. WRONG ON BOTH COUNTS.

I addressed this during my Q & A at the LGBT Center, and the assumption is that porn actors are just that "actors". Based on what porn actors do in a sex scene, please explain to me the logic that makes one try to make the comparison to Sean Penn playing Harvey Milk. I've heard this comparison often, and I find it quite annoying. And for once, I'm being polite here using that word, because I told my religious Mom of how some people try making that comparison, and she called them out right "STUPID". In my politeness, that was the word I was trying to avoid, but you can see now how I am my mother's child.

At that Q & A, I made it clear that we are not Heath Ledger and Jake Gylenhaal in "Brokeback Mountain" having simulated sex. What we porn actors do on the screen is the real thing. We actually FUCK, and the only acting we are supposed to do is if you're a bottom act like that is the best dick you've ever been fucked with, even if it hurts OR if you're a popper-addict who feels much of nothing no matter how big the cock is. And if you're a top, that bottom's ass can feel like you pulled your dick out in the middle of the Grand Canyon with the wind whisking by, but you have to act like it's holding your cock with a sweet tightness one should consider heavenly. That is all the acting that should be involved in porn.

Therefore, I should not have to explain to another male that our bodies need visual stimulation in front of us. Hence why if someone claims they're not into a certain person, then it shouldn't be forced on them. In fact, a good director will find out each actor's taste beforehand. Now, if that taste includes singling out someone strictly because of their color, then that's a case where their lack of variety in taste says more about their character (or lack there of) than one could ever hope. Because we all should find a beautiful someone in every color of the human rainbow. If you can't, then you're just a fucked up individual who needs to get your shit correct. So I say, leave them to show their true selves. And let them see watch their fan base of certain ethincities start drying up like an oasis like it is doing with Pierre Fitch.

Also unless we're fucking hands-free, that stimulation started by the sense of sight is maintained by the sense of touch, hence why gay-for-pay actors are bullshitting themselves. There is a difference in the texture of male and female skin, which brings me to my next re-iteration.

RE-ITERATION 2 is going to be short and to the point. Mainly because I went into it in details in my blog post, "The Fucking Degrees". So if you want a deeper explanation, check there.

For any guy claiming he's straight, be he in gay porn or not. There are 3 fucks AT THE MOST that can determine whether or not you're lying to yourself about being some degree of bi, or a totally closeted gay.

Fuck 1, can be out of sheer curiosity, so we can let that slide. Maybe he hated it, maybe he's unsure of what he felt. That leads us to....
Fuck 2 to confirm that the pleasure he felt as a top or bottom in gay sex was real. He's experience a new sensation, so he's allowed to question whether or not he really enjoyed it. But by the end of this romp, he should know for sure. Therefore, if he comes back for....
Fuck 3 and beyond, he needs to stop kidding himself of the fact that he likes poking male ass and/or getting poked with a dick.

So all the gay-for-pay porn actors, and guys "living on the DL" need to start reciting this to themselves:

Fuck 1, Fuck 2, Fuck 3-
When will I stop this lie to me?

It makes for a good nursery rhyme. And considering how long some of these people insist on living this obvious lie, a good nursery rhyme for your infantile bitch ass is exactly what you guys deserve.

This re-iteration is going to lead into the next one which will include an elaboration. An elaboration that some of you might not be too happy with. Oh well, it's not like that's ever stopped me before. So why stop a good thing of being honest now?

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