Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"New Power Generation" - Timely Battle Cry

When I did my interview featured in the book, ULTIMATE STARZ, one of the questions posed to me by the author, Owen Keehnen was this:

Owen Keehnen: If your life had a theme song what would it be?

Me: There are so many, but I'll pick one I'm sure many will overlook. "New Power Generation" by Prince.

Lately, that song has been playing in my head like crazy. I don't know why, but if I have to guess as to why, I would have to say it's probably because of the state of the world, our country, various workplaces, as well as various industries including the adult entertainment industry. All of these facets are in a state where the corrupt powers that be are facing a downfall, be it because of their greed, their insensitivity, their racism, or what have you, many are facing a fall, and those corrupt powers are hanging on for dear life, and some even denying that their narrow-mindedness is causing a fall from their delusional grace.

If you listen to the lyrics of "New Power Generation", you'll realize that it's all about us being the new power to set things right, because the old powers have failed us miserably. From the outcry for a new presidential administration to controversies within the adult industry over racism and gay-for-pay, people are wanting something new and better presented to them. And only those foolish enough to be part of the problem instead of the solution wanted things to stay the way they were with no change in sight.

It's amazing, yet a travesty how this song is almost 20 years old, but is still so relevant today. I take that as a serious sign that we all need to stop being about our cliques, our gayness, our straightness, our blackness, our whiteness or whatever color, our loyalty to man-made cultures, etc., and be about our humanity. What do you think?

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