Saturday, April 18, 2009

Naked Dudes As Furniture?....Hmmm

I have a free-level membership to Austrailia's DNA Magazine, and I came across this:

Ever felt like someone's treated you like a doormat?

If you've ever hung out with Spanish artist David Blázquez, chances are he would've!

Blázquez's new Mobiliario Humano, or Human Furniture exhibition - on display in Seville, Spain - features naked dudes posing as pieces of furniture and items from around the house.

When I read this and saw the pictures, I thought if real men could possibly live as furniture, in my house I would without a doubt live as a hermit and never get anything done, because I would be fucking and sucking all day long.

I'd tried to read a book, I'd have sex with one (or more) of the shelves. Or sit down to read a book one night, then wind up giving my lamp a blow job. Try to sit down and each dinner, I'd get gangbanged by each table part. Try to go to bed, I'd fuck and get fucked by my own bed. And if you think the porn industry is worried now, well they would really have something to worry about with hot-bodied hotties as the TV stand.

What can I say? I love art, and I love nudity. And putting the 2 together makes my imagniation go places. Places I thought you might be glad I decided to share.

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