Friday, June 6, 2008

The Word Of the Day Is "Sexual"...

.....or maybe you can say "avoidance".

That is definitely the case of many of these "gay-for-pay" actors out here now. While I can name names, I won't, but you can find a good number of these "men" I'm speaking of in past issues of Magazine. They are "men", instead of men, because they are such chicken shits at admitting to themselves and their wives/girlfriends and/or children that they're either gay or bi, but not totally straight that they have now resorted to using the word "sexual" to describe themselves.

Now I have no problem with terms that have open meanings. After all, I call myself bi-sexual which is about as healthy a open term you can get to describe one's sexual orientation. But to describe oneself as "sexual" is cowardice, and way too, too, too open a term.

This was not my original sentiment. Consciously, when I first heard a "gay-for-pay" porn actor call his orientation "sexual", I was so turned on I wanted to rip off my pants, plant my ass on his dick, and give him a ride that would have made him need days of abstaining to replenish just a decent amount of man-milk. Subconsciously however, something told me that something was wrong with that terminology of calling one's orientation "sexual", which is a thought that obviously ruined my deliciously raunchy fantasy. Well, after a talk with a friend on another matter, I finally realized what is wrong with that word.

A friend recently reminded me that the brain compartmentalizes, and that is how we learn. Therefore the same would hold true regarding sexual orientation, which makes some degree of labeling an absolute necessity. That's why it is vital to our sexual self-knowledge that we as adults define ourselves as either straight, gay, or bi. We are teaching our brain (as well as those of others) which gender we are sexually attracted to and that we have sexual relations with consenting adults of that said gender. The fact of the matter is that we are all sexual beings, including those who has sexual practices that are without a doubt depraved. So to call oneself simply "sexual" shows a lack of sexual self-knowledge and leaves the door open for the speculation that you may very well partake of one or more of those depravities.

For instance, since we are all sexual beings, if you call yourself just "sexual", you may be hiding the fact that you're:

a pedophile, so you really shouldn't be trusted to be alone with anyone under the age of consent;
a necrophiliac, so if we were working in a morgue or funeral home, it wouldn't be wise to leave you alone with the body, because when I return, I may very well find your dick in the corpse;
into bestiality, so if I leave you alone with my cat, you may take the term "pussycat" a bit too far.

Therefore to be honest about your sexuality, first and foremost to yourself lessens such misconceptions and shows a great deal of self-awareness. A clear sign of how honesty with oneself is a great power to have. And if these "gay-for-pay" actors weren't so busy prostituting their true selves, they would finally become a bit more empowered where it matters most - intellectually and emotionally.

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