Sunday, June 22, 2008

Behind The Compilation, "Mouth In Action"

So the lyrics say, "A kiss is still a kiss".

I disagree. Especially when you're in doing it in a 69 position with a pornstar that you've lusted for ever since the 1st time you came face to face with him. Well that kiss with Jason Dean from "69 Fuck Street" during that 5-man orgy was my inspiration for the 85 second video clip, "Mouth In Action" that is presently running on my stats and bio page of my website.

One day that 69 kiss with Jason Dean just flash in my mind, then I started to realize, I had some good atypical oral adventures in my movies so far. A 69 kiss, a foot-job on Jake Corwin that leads me up his leg and to his dick, and licking Shorty J's armpits. And while those were things I would never do normally, I had fun doing them. So I decided why not highlight that fun for you guys. While I admit that since licking Shorty J's armpits, I have taken that into my private sex life, in fact I did it this past weekend. The foot-job however - has yet to be repeated, and it probably never will.

Now, let me recall why that 69 kiss with Jason Dean was such a strong motivation in highlighting my atypical oral adventures.

It goes back to when my major crush on Jason Dean started.
I had just won Will Clark's Porn Idol contest in the summer of 2005. The following night, I went to Will's weekly Porno Bingo event, a number of porn actors were there including Kyle Douglas, Jason Dean, Frederick Ford, and Alex Collack (who was a Porn Idol judge and couldn't stop singing my praises during and after the contest). After being introduced to the crowd as the Porn Idol winner, I went to the back of the bar for a bit. Kyle Douglas and Jason Dean were hanging out back there. They congratulated me on my winning Porn Idol, and asked if I was planning on using my win to somehow advance myself into a career in porn. That's when I confessed the fact that I had already done a movie. So Jason Dean asked, "Oh, what movie did you do?"

That's when it happened.
Before that question coming directly from him, my eyes were bouncing back and forth between him and Kyle Douglas, but now they were solely on him. And with my eyes being on him, I noticed his white tank top that fit so well it looked as if the company that made it had him in for a custom fitting session so that it would cover his well-developed chest like a 2nd skin.

I started telling him that I did "Oh Boy Escorts 2" for Tyson Cane Videos, then I caught myself doing what some straight guys do to women with big breast. I was looking at his nipples poking in his tank top like they were his eyes while talking to him. Then I had to tell myself, "Tré? Oh Tré? PICK-YOUR-HEAD-UP!!!!"

When I did "69 FUCK STREET", I had no idea who my scene partners were going to be, but needless to say I was overjoyed to know Jason Dean was coming in to be in one of them. Although, I had never seen any of his movies, so I had no idea if he was a top or bottom (on-camera at least, which at that moment was pertinent info to brighten my day). It turned out being that it was a group scene and he (like me) was a bottom. DAMNIT! I was so hoping that my asshole would get a taste of Jason Dean's cock. Well, my asshole didn't, but my mouth did during the foreplay before and while cameras were rolling.

Once the sex started, while we both were getting fucked, I could sense an opportunity was coming for us to interact. After all, this was Dark Alley Media directing. If you ever seen one of their features, do you really think 5 guys on a bed with 2 pairs fucking isn't going to somehow have the 2 tops and/or the 2 bottoms interacting? I don't think so. So at some point, my head wound up upside down over Jason's and I took full advantage, and that's the kiss you saw in the clip. It started without the cock between us, then again with. Either way, it was mouth action I was more than willing to give, and I hope I'll show you some oral performance in the very near future that show just as much enjoyment on my part.

By the way, based on that kiss, wasn't "69 FUCK STREET" the perfect title? I think so.

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