Monday, June 30, 2008

HX Awards 2008 - My Highs, My Lows

I went to the HX Awards this past Monday. Last year was my 1st time going, and I went with a friend. This year, I went solo, knowing that I was going to be running into some of the new faces that have entered my world within the past year, so I wouldn't be spending too much time looking like a lonely wallflower. I ran into Jeff Eason of He was making the rounds taking photos, and we kept running into each other.

I also ran into Lady Clover Honey and her friend, Howie. Through Clover, I came face to face with actor/director Casper Andreas ("Slutty Summer", "A Four Letter Word"). Let me put it this way - there are some people who you see on a TV or movie screen and you think they are gorgeous, but when you meet them in person, you think to yourself, "Oh my gosh! -


I believe I've said it before that I love passing the compliments someone gives me on to someone else. And just how people say I'm a combination of good-looks and talent, I have to pass that on to Casper Andreas. Although, I never said it to his face, because (1)I'm quiet when meeting people for the 1st time; (2)how can I say something when he's with someone who I'm not sure is his boyfriend or platonic friend. If he was his boyfriend, it would have been a bit rude to say, "Hi, I'm Tré. I must say your man is both talented, and I have to say - scrumptious; and (3)I was in awe of the fact that I came in contact with someone of a more mainstream talent that I admire, because that doesn't happen too often. Not even when I was in mainstream entertainment myself.

While meeting Casper Andreas was one high point of my night, another was seeing Daniel Nardicio win the Spirit Award. I admire anyone who (whether willingly or incidentally) creates something to undo the repression of sexuality that so many levels of government try to impose upon us, thereby overstepping their bounds. That's why when Daniel asks me to go-go for him, or get tied to a cross and allow my dick to get sucked by horny party patrons - Brother, I am soooo there, using certain body parts to tell the government what they can do with themselves. My pointed hard-on is my flipping the bird, and my bare butt is telling them to "Kiss it, Bitches! And don't miss not one bit of each cheek."

Keep up the good work, Daniel.

Now with every high, there must come 1 or more lows. In this case, it was seeing Perez Hilton win for Best Blog. While I don't really know the other blogs nominated to a great degree, but considering that Perez Hilton has become notorious for outing celebrities, it makes me concerned about the degree of humanity within New York's gay community.

I hate to get on my soapbox here, but this must be said.

I never have, or ever will be OK with celebrities being outed. Mainstream entertainers are trying to obtain recognition for their talent as mainstream performers, not their sexual orientation. They are not porn actors, like myself, who get paid to put their sexual orientation on display (which is why I hate the whole gay-for-pay genre). So anyone who forces a mainstream entertainer into being recognized for their orientation against that entertainer's will is a person beneath being considered human. And anyone who supports such acts puts their character in jeopardy of becoming the same.

I really hope that Perez Hilton winning that award was a sick joke played by voters, and not a sign of a severe lack of humanity within New York gay community that him winning that award based on gay New Yorker's true sentiments would indicate. Maybe it is a joke. Because Perez sent in a videotaped acceptance speech, and after a while many of the audience started booing. I'm hoping it because they wanted the trifling thing that he is to get off the screen, and not only because of his incessant rambling.

I wrapped up the night by going to the after-party at Barracuda. Where Miss Drag Queen of the Year Award Winner, Peppermint turned it out for a 2nd time, as if Peppermint would do anything else but. The 1st time was actually the final perfomance at the HX Awards.

Well, there you have the highs and lows of my night at the HX Awards. Let's see what happens next year. Until then....

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