Sunday, June 15, 2008

Asian Studs - Still Ignored, Damnit!

Look at these hot Asian guys. They reminded me of a blog entry I once wrote.
It was entitled "Stop Ignoring The Asian Studs". What bothers me is how long ago I wrote it, and still have to make that plight. The date on that entry is December 8, 2006. That's exactly 1 year 6 months and 1 week ago today, and for no change to as of yet be seen of how their sexiness is ignored is a damn shame.

To the porn producers and directors:

Is it just me, or must I stress AGAIN how much it would show not just good, but great business sense to represent your buying public?

I personally hate, HATE, MOTHER FUCKIN' HATE the fact that Blacks, Asian, Indians, etc. have to break off and do their own thing that features solely their ethnicity because so many white American gay porn moguls are too lame-brained to include them, treating them as if they are not even on the continent. Now, while I say Blacks like myself have a raw deal, at least I'm humane enough to realize how Asians have it even worst.

It might not be just my humanity that annoys me about this. It may also be the fact that I've experienced 3 Asian men in my life - all as tops. So since I have no complaints about their sexual performance, and I walked away from each tryst with a smile on my face (including the one who made me wince at first because he was taking my much needed-to-be-rid-of virginity), I would like to see that pleasure given to someone in a porno for the ethnically open-minded to enjoy.

Maybe I'll be the lucky recipient.
After all, recently at a night of Will Clark's Porno Bingo, there was an Asian guy there as one of the representatives for the beneficiary wearing a swimming bikini that showed off a physique that included the type of ass I love to grope while being fucked missionary. With Ben Marksman of Knight Stick Films there with me, I urged Ben to give him a business card, because I would love to watch that hottie fuck. If not me, then I would beat my meat to him doing someone else while wishing it was me. Now he has yet to call, but if not him, someday I'll spot an Asian hottie who will.

Now the reason I emphasize the fact that there have been 3 Asians is because I need to point out the fact that it wasn't just 1 who I got lucky in choosing and he knew how to pound my ass ever so right. There were 3 out of the 3 to give me great sex. That's 100%. So based on my experience, it's not like Asian men are lacking in their skills. They have beautiful bodies, and those that are tops have dicks that hunger to fuck a tight hole just like any other top of any other ethnicity. Just because he has a cock bigger than what most Asian men are believed to have, Brandon Lee should not have been the only one then, and no other Asian top in American gay porn since.

I most definitely would like to see one of these American companies step their game up and feature an Asian top within a mixed cast no matter how big his dick is. The big American gay porn companies make America look like an even more behind civilization on this issue of sexuality because they show America as finding Asians even less sexy than Blacks (who already get repeatedly shunned), instead of showing all ethnicities as being just as sexy as the other.

Well this is my statement to show that not all Americans are that ignorant to who is beautiful in this world. There are other Americans like myself who know that there is an entire world of beautiful people with physical traits unique to their ethnicity. We find those differences sexy, and long to see those differences sexually interact for our porn viewing pleasure.


  1. I am a new visitor to your blog and agree with you 100%! The porn biz seems like it is stuck in stereotypes of racial groups. I LOVE inter-racial porn but HATE the titles of some as they merely reinforce stereotypes (e.g. "big black dicks...white bottoms")...and yet, I have rarely seen a porn movie with more than one Asian guy unless it was an all Asian cast. I think you are right that the porn producers are missing out on a great opportunity by not providing multi-racial/ethnic casts. However, I do like Michael Lucas movies..he generally gets bad press because of his attitude, but I love his diverse casts....

  2. This is a serious problem with porn today. It is such a shame too because I think videos would be even more interesting with some more diversity.

  3. I am the webmaster and content director for Marc has always wanted to work with some Asian guys, but frankly we haven't seen any Asian guys submit photos for consideration. So, if you're out there, drop us a line!

    I agree with the thrust of the blog post, which is that the porn studios tend to segmentalize and stereotype gay sex to a ridiculous degree.

  4. Got this from a friend of mine, and while I've actually been studying this (among other aspects of gay Asian identity when I was in grad school), it boils down to three things:

    o stereotypes/racism about Asian men (small cocks, all bottoms, can't speak English, etc.), and the insistence that American porn featuring men of color focuses on these stereotypes.

    o The belief that porn with Asian men doesn't sell well in the mainstream.

    o Asian men being unwilling to get into porn, especially gay porn, because of all the stigmas attached to it.

    All the hot Asian porn I've seen have been produced and directed from Asia, where it's free of the racist/stereotypical baggage. American porn featuring Asian guys always has to focus on some goddamned stereotype, and it turns me off from ever watching it.

    Maybe American porn should take a clue from these movies and just focus on hot guys getting together and fucking, regardless of their race, and get rid of the damn stereotypes and racism.

  5. oh my.
    where did you get to fine those pics?!

  6. Dude, I just found your blog on And boy am I glad I did. You are fucking HOT!!!! And very correct about the lack of diversity in mainstream gay porn. Guys like Diesel Washington and me talk about this all the time, but definitely realize that no matter how bad it is for black models... it's even worse for asian models.

    I only shot b-roll with Brandon Lee but would have loved to have done a scene with him. Hot is hot no matter the color. The bigger issue is the money that is being left on the table by these studios who don't want to take a chance and/or make a statement by doing more color-blind casting. Having worked behind the scenes in gay porn, I know that the issue is not what is commonly given (we can't find any [fill in the blank ethnicity] models to use).

    I could go on, but you get the point and have also made it yourself many times... and very well. Maybe it will change sometime in the not-so-distant future. Who knows? At least there are some studios making an effort (Titan for the cause of black models). Hopefully more will step up and use asian models as well.

    And for the record: I'd fuck you in a second! :-)

  7. tre its ricky sinz.
    i think you are definitely on to something with people of ethnic decent in porn
    it seems like there ae alot of people with certain ethnicity who dont get the right opportunities in porn or are looked over all together.
    i have actually had many conversations with people about this.
    and the lack of performers that will not work with people of opposite color or do interracial scenes
    cory koons for example is one hot mother fucker i would love to do a scene with him.
    diesel washington is another one of my personal favorites who i would love to do a scene with as well.
    i have been working on alot of side projects one being an all black/latino line that im hoping to launch soon.
    i think your on to something but i think that maybe you should develop a line at some point to show the world what they are missing out on and show the world what kind of quality content can be produced.
    where alot of studios fail to evolve that is where you should step in and make it the top content.
    your full of fire so direct it in a way where you can make your mark.
    and show everyone what these models can do.

  8. hey tre... mike dreyden here!

    listen up my friend... SIMPLY BRILLIANT! thank you for this amazing post! you're right that the industry needs to and should include more men of color in their projects. this is one of the reasons i signed on to do All Out ASSault... although i come from a multi-cultural back ground and identify as an spanish/italian/jew i know i am a man of color and we and our fans must be diligent. but its the fans who have the power, to some extent... all of our fans should let the studios know what they like, want and need! if right now the only fans being heard are being catered to, then fans who are not MUST send those emails to the studios and fan letters to us so we can post them on our blogs!

    keep up the great work bro! ~xxoo



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