Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pop My D.P. Cherry

Not too long ago in my "Word Of Advice" category, I became the one seeking advice on how to prepare myself to be a double-penetration bottom. I got some sound advice, including from the last 2 producers I worked with, Ben Marksman of Knight Stick Films and B.K. of Forbidden Funk Media who both want to put me in a d.p. scene since I'm so eager to experience it. But before that happens, there's a situation that hasn't been remedied.

While I've had people eager to give advice about double penetration, and email from fans wanting to penetrate me 1-on-1, I have yet to have 2 studs simultaneously fill my eager hole and pop my double penetration cherry.

Forbidden Funk Media read my blog seeking advice, and approached me with the idea, but they want me to get some practice in first. Now, if you don't already know, Forbidden Funk Media does leather fetish porn featuring men of color. Therefore, you can now imagine that if this scene comes to fruition for me, that my ass is going to be stuffed with not 1, but 2 big cocks that are going to fuck me primal.

I have gotten to the point where I am more picky than ever about my scene partners, because I don't want to see myself in a movie and be disappointed by my performance the way I was with "The Booth" and "Love Of The Dick 4", because I wasn't into my partner. So with such an undertaking as doing a d.p., my being into my scene partners is an EXTREME MUST. The way I lusted for Taino when I met him at the Gay Erotic Expo, I want to lust for both of those D.P. tops' cocks the same way. After all, (1)part of why I got into this business is because I love sex, and I want people to love watching me love sex; and (2) more importantly, it's my body. So with those 2 points in mind, why do a movie as a bottom if I'm not craving the dicks that are to go into me.

Now that on-camera fucking, so as for my off-camera fucking, like Bonnie Tyler's song "Holding Out For A Hero", I'm holding out for a couple of heroes. I'm holding out for 2 hotties just as hungry for me and each other as I will be hungry for the both of them. With New York being such a big city with a variety of ethnicities to choose from, I pose the invitation out there to you guys that makes me the vessel to sexually connect 3 of us -

- any local takers?

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