Thursday, June 26, 2008

As Pride Rolls In, My Thanks

I wanted to take a moment to say THANKS to so many of you for your support in regards to my posting about the lack of Asians in American gay porn. The overwhelming response was totally unexpected, and one thing I really enjoy seeing are comments by people within the industry. So often I feel as if I'm the voice of many in the industry, but the only one with a backbone to say what needs to be said, risking my porn career in the process. I was glad to see others take the same risk by making those feelings public that industry big wigs could be threatened by by being inept human beings.

Being that it is Pride Week here in New York, my having to say this comes at the right time.

Because accepting ourselves and each other as gays inside and out is what Pride Week is all about. We are to have pride in ourselves, and that helps to find the inner and outer beauty in others, no matter what body type, creed, or ethnicity.

That is the reason I come off with such venomous anger in blogs about racism in the American gay porn industry, because the pushing aside of other ethnicities shows the producers and directors lack of pride and insecurities about themselves and their own sexual prowess, so other ethnicities with skin color or facial features that stray too far from them are considered a threat that they need to shut out and treat as if they don't exist. And if they do acknowledge someone with such a difference, it's only to present a token figure in the mix. That is not only showing a lack of gay pride, but an even more extreme lacking in human pride.

I want to see that gay and human pride shown in some American-made porn. The big names are obviously too out of touch to show that pride in truth, with their participation in some Pride Week events. And although most porn is done on the West Coast, I sadly have to make that same claim about some movie and management companies in my own backyard of the East Coast.

Maybe they'll get it right someday, but until then, I urge you to go to your pride events and praise those who truly show the meaning of pride. The same way you support me as I try to show my pride, and for which I greatly appreciate you for being.


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