Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Barebacks and Falling Stars

I've been holding off on addressing this long enough, but I saw something recently that made me say "Enough is enough" on letting it slide without voicing my feelings.

I said in a recent post that I would stop blogging about racism in the adult industry with the intent of imposing change. I have to say that I have to take that statement back. And I don't feel bad about it, because (1)I never gave my word on that matter, and (2)this outcome of racism MUST be addressed.

In practically everything, we as humans are always searching for the next level of a thrill. And in gay porn, the next big thrill seems to have become barebacking, and in an age where HIV/AIDS is still a strong presence, that just shouldn't be. I will admit that it is probably inevitable that barebacking would be the next big thing in gay porn, but it could have been held off by the most simplest thing where once again, the obviously mostly racist directors helming productions from most of the biggest names in American gay porn are to blame.

Simply using the variety of beautiful ethnicities that make up our most beautiful country. That variety is what makes it the most beautiful, but these directors are denying the world of seeing that beauty. And in turn, they leave room open for something that should NOT be "the next big thing" right now, become the "next big thing" before it's time. Like I said before, it was probably inevitable that barebacking would become so popular in gay porn. But if these racist directors weren't so close-minded to portraying White or near-White as the only sexual beauty, then they could have made the variety of ethnicities we have in this country being sexually united as a long overdue "the next big thing", and bought some time for the popularity of barebacking videos to happen when HIV/AIDS is closer to eradication. Thereby celebrating the HIV/AIDS crisis near or actual demise.

The premature popularity of barebacking videos is not the only consequence of racism that has come to my attention. Another consequence is the use of White models that have no business in front of a camera until they get themselves together. It may seen like I'm about to repeat myself since I already addressed this issue regarding actors like Kent North and Danny Roddick. But you're wrong. Their emotional ailments were within, and did not make their way on the outside that it was obvious to the buying public, but their producers and directors should have known something because of the behind the scenes interaction. The model I'm speaking of now is a clear sign of the lack of using models of color causing a magazine that is suppose to have a good reputation, risk it by using a model marketing him as being back by popular demand, yet he is clearly in the layout not looking as well as his former self. Many who I have discussed this with suspect as I do that drug use (specifically crystal meth) is playing a part here. And that's a shame.

I'm sure we are not the only ones who see this. So my question to this magazine is, are you that racist and stereotypically gay that just because you see a White male with a great physique that you would overlook the obvious rings under his eyes and wear on his face that were not as prevalent in his previous pics and video. Now when this magazine uses a Latino or (on the even more rare occasion) a Black model, you see no such imperfections on them. Those imperfections for men of color by this magazine are obviously not allowed.

Now if you have realized that I seem to be acting out of character by withholding the name of the model and more importantly the magazine, it is because I know this model as an acquaintance, and have no ill will towards him. Also, to withhold his name yet reveal the magazine's name may still create a trail that leads to the model's identity being revealed.

Regardless of my withholding names, the bottom line is that evidence shows that this racism is destroying a form of entertainment many of us value immensely, because the people in charge of these magazines and movie companies are making the gay community look like the shallow creatures mainstream media makes us out to be. While there is nothing wrong with finding your ethnicity beautiful, there is something wrong with NOT finding that same beauty in others. And shame on the producers,and directors of these porn companies and the investors full in the pockets but empty enough inside to back them.

So in closing, I backtrack to the barebacking issue.
To those racist producers and directors, many of which speak against barebacking videos, my message to them is that if barebacking videos becoming "the next big thing" is not quite what you had in mind, THEN YOU ONLY HAVE YOUR RACIST FUCKFACED SELVES TO THANK.

Have a nice day.

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  1. As a porn producer, I can't stand the thought of Bareback videos because of what they represent. I will play devil's advocate for a moment, and say that I had a discussion with someone at a bareback company and status of actors. Their claim is that everyone is tested and neg works with neg and pos works with pos only. However, this isn't the point. Viewers can get ideas from these films. I would personally never produce a bareback film because I would hate to think that some sexual novice who is using porn to get ideas about sex before they actually experience sex, would think it's okay to bareback when HIV/AIDS is still so prominent. It's called social responsibility. Again being honest, producing porn can make us money, but if being responsible means slighlty less profit, then I'll take the smaller profit in favor of being responsible. There are many ways to make a film sexually charged that doesn't include barebacking. Regarding ethnicities, as I've long said; HOT IS HOT! It doesn't matter what an actor's or sex partner's ethnicity is. One of the beautiful things about being based in NY is that we truly have a multi-cultural playground, and I intend to be in that playground. Drug use is another matter. Sometimes you find out after the fact about a performer's substance abuse problem. Knowing it beforehand would've precluded their hiring. Like you, I think of a particular actor who is really beautiful and worry about what he's doing to himself, and I get sad because I see their wasted life and wasted potential. Crystal Meth is the devil. It destroys looks, ability to reason, behavior, relationships, and so many other things. Tre', you are a breath of fresh air because you not only are a physically beautiful man, but an intelligent and fearless one too! More power to you, my friend!


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