Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Portrait Of A Corporate Meltdown

There's a video I want you to see if you haven't already. For whatever reason, with Blogger, it comes up with erros because of certain words in the embeding code, and it won't let me post it. So go to this link, and see it for yourself. Because ome people may find this video amusing, and it is....

....until you realize that the guy in the video could be you, or practically anyone you know.

This is a clear picture of the meltdown that Corporate America is bringing into so many lives. Although this video is said to be fake, the man's display of lost control is something I sense to possibly explode in so many people around me at "KLLP". And I sense it just walking down the streets of New York City. Especially when I'm surrounded by people who are obviously deep in the corporate world. It is an extreme darkness I even see in myself, while as A Mail Clerk, I'm a low-man on the totem pole. And this is why I use this blog to vent my anger. An anger I have to bury almost everyday, so it doesn't surface, and I become just like that man in the video ---- or worse.

I have mentioned in some previous blogs my disdain for the corporate scene, but never got into details about some of the reasons for that disdain.

The hypocrisy, which I'll display with a small example. I clearly see everyday when I walk around the Financial District of Downtown Manhattan where corporate people always make demands of how they want something fast, fast, fast, and now, now, now, YET when it's time for them to move fast, fast, fast, and now, now, now they are too often the most slothful creatures on the planet. Hence the reason so many corporate jobs now include gym memberships in their benefits package. Because while their pockets are getting full, so are their stomachs at the expense of the lesser paid person who usually has even more common sense and humanity and doing all the physical work that could ward off that increasing bulge.

Another reason for my corporate disdain is the humanity that I said the lesser paid person tends to have, and the CEOs tend to lack. I'm not saying that all people at the top are void of humanity. But it is obvious that there are way too many who are with the increasing problem of things like outsourcing forcing American employees of big corporations to lose their job, then wind up sometimes homeless. It takes an extreme lack of humanity to already be rich, but be so greedy for more that you'll take a job away from someone in your homeland who needs it, and give it to someone in another country for a lesser rate of pay.

What bothers me also is the fact that every year, colleges have graduates hungry to be a part of that disastrous corporate machine. Even at the firm I work at, we have summer associates come in every year, most with the same uppity attitude. But with a future that seems to be plagued with such inhumanity, my question to these people is: What do you have the right to be uppity about? Are you making more money? Sure, but at what price. You're so busy trying to stay ahead in the game that you're hardly ever home with your significant other/spouse and/or children. And that lack of family union is increasing more and more everyday due to corporate greed. Be that greed for money, or status that can lead to the money.

Well to all those so eager to be in the corporate world, know that it is our God-given human need to show humanity and have family unity, and voiding yourself of it only leads to immense frustration over its being void in your life. A frustration that is most likely clearly on display in that YouTube video. Will you be the next to lose control? If you don't realize what I'm saying here, you just might be.

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