Thursday, June 19, 2008

He's Not Anti-Black, He Just Plays So On TV

I was going to save this entry for later, but due to the success of my piece on racism in the gay porn industry against Asians, I felt I should let out all of my emotions on the racism issue that I've been keeping inside once and for all. While these tales show a lesson to be learned, they are some fun tales about some "fun" I've had with a couple of former pornstars.

I have often wondered who is to blame in the issue of racism in the American gay porn industry. And if you've followed my blogs on this issue, you have probably come to the right conclusion.

At first, I was wondering was it the actors, considering the fact that if you go to a studio's website and fill out their application, one of the questions you're asked by the major studios is what is your preferred race of scene partner. I'm sure that I am not the only one who has misunderstood that whoever you see a guy paired with on-screen doesn't necessarily mean that's his main type off-screen, but it is quite believable that a porn actor would most likely sight his off-screen type as one of his choices. Well, I've had 2 off-screen encounters with former porn actors who based on what you've seen of them on-screen, you might be just as surprised as I was to find out that they were into me.

The 1st guy I met at a sex club, but at the time I had no idea that he did porn. I just saw this gorgeous man who was my height and build and I could decide whether I wanted to fuck his ass or his dick. As it turned out, he fucked my ass in the bathroom. It was quite reminiscent of the 1st scene from the movie RAW with Jack Ryan fucking Sergio Anthony with Sergio looking at himself in the mirror.
Needless to say, that scene gave me a flashback. Now I wasn't watching myself get fucked as much as I was watching the rhythm of the guy's body movement while he pounded me. The funny part is how I discovered that he did gay porn.

Sometimes in making a porno, through the magic of editing, the cumshot is not done at the same day as the rest of the sex. Such was the case with my 1st movie, Oh Boy Escorts 2. When I came back to do my cumshot, I look at an issue of Latin Inches. In it were pictures from the part of the movie QUARTERBACK SACK when Josh Weston gets gangbang by a Latino fraternity. I saw one of the guys in the pics, and thought to myself, "He looks familiar. No fuckin' way, he looks like the guy -".

The guy from the sex club.

When I got home I went online and ordered a used copy of QUARTERBACK SACK to confirm my suspicions. What I was looking for was mainly the guy's body movement, and I also got treated to a view of the guy from in between his legs, which I knew from when I licked his ass.

Both of which matched. So the guy from the sex club turned out to be none other than Jonathan Diaz.

Now I would have never suspected that Jonathan would want to fool around with me. Besides Josh Weston, the only other guy I've seen him have sex with was Frederick Ford in THE HARD WAY. Maybe it's naivete or me being insecure, but from those 2 movies, I would have never thought he'd be into a Black guy.

The 2nd was Tony Bishop, who I am now good friends with, and doesn't mind me telling this story. I met Tony a couple of years ago at a group of seminars for sex workers called Rent U, and we didn't say much to each other. He was there with Brandon Aguilar, and I knew Brandon from his working for Tyson Cane, and was one of the guys I was giving a blowjob during the stage show at the NY Gay Erotic Expo 2005. Since then, I ran into Tony's profile on MySpace, got added to his friends list, read his blog, and made comments on it, as well as his profile page. He would make comments on mine as well, and send me emails calling me "sexy". I thought that was just him flirting and never took it to heart that if we ever met, anything would happen. After all, we both went to a sex club after the Gay Erotic Expo of 2005, and never said a word to each other. He was hanging out with 2 other blond-haired guys from the Expo, and once again, I never suspected that he would have interest in me.

I got hit with reality when within one of the emails we exchanged, he gave me his phone number. At the time, we both were living in Jersey City, so I called him up thinking maybe we would just hang out. During our conversation, he propositioned me with what pretty much comes down to "your place or mine?", and I became tongue-tied by the surprise. And why wouldn't I be surprised by this? I haven't seen most of the movies he's done, but I do know a good number of his scene partners, and all of them are White. In fact, from the Gay Erotic Expo, to the sex club, to Rent U until that moment, besides Brandon Aguilar, everyone I've seen Tony interact with was White.

Now you're probably wondering if the sex ever happened, and if so how was it?

Well the sex never happened that night, and no night since. I won't go into why, considering the fact that I always found him to be attractive. I will admit however that we did get far enough that I was surprised to find out how thick his dick actually is.

But that was then, and since then, like I said, we've become good friends. Good friends to the point where sex between us now might be a bit weird.

Earlier, I admitted to being a bit insecure. When you see as much racism in the American gay community as I have, you don't think you're all that beautiful. And I'm actually glad about that because it's what keeps me humble about my looks, and is probably why those who aren't humble, age so horribly that they can't get complimented as looking younger than their true age even by a blind man.
Now while I may have my insecurities in my life outside the industry and off-camera, I don't have them when presenting myself to porn producers and directors - the people to blame for the racism in the adult industry. I don't blame the actors as much, because those examples were just the 2 I had the most intimate run in with. There have been others who were of a less closer call, which brings me to realize that a good number of actors are not like Pierre "Bitch", I mean Fi----. NO, I mean "Bitch". But way too many studio heads who run the big companies obviously are just like him making people feel that if their skin is anything else but white or near white, they are not beautiful.

Like I said, off-camera, if I meet you in person - I'm an OK looking guy, but to a studio head - due to the rampant racism I've seen, I have to know for myself and exude the presence of how MY BROWN SKIN HELPS TO MAKE ME FUCKIN' GORGEOUS. And I won't ever, and nor should you, let anyone convince you of otherwise.

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