Friday, August 28, 2015

Poppers?!...We Don't Need No Stinkin' Poppers!

When you bottom, do you want to be the best bottom,...or do you want to just be mediocre, or worse?

Well, if you're doing poppers, then you are definitely the latter. And I make no apologies for calling you as such.

The use of poppers has become an epidemic in the gay community. To the point that it is hard to find someone man enough to make the act of sex itself be the only high. And while porn was a failure in inspiring many other negatives in gay male sexual behavior, at one time, it was a place to look for a sign of hope. Well, I must inform you that this is now another thing to add to porn's failures. For now the use of poppers has been making its way into porn.

My 1st sight of this repulsion was seeing Tim Kruger allow poppers into a scene for his TimTales site. And most recently, I saw it in a Treasure Island Media scene I came across from "Fuck Holes 3" where the bottom Ryan Cummings was such a pathetic slave to poppers that he wore his bottle of poppers as a necklace. It's sad seeing the number of gay males who have lessened their manhood because they are following the lead of such weaklings. Which in turn makes them an even greater weakling. For the follower of a fool is a greater fool than the original.

Adding to my annoyance is my awareness of how popper-users are putting their sex partners lives in jeopardy. For since I was doing porn, porn actors are encouraged to take male enhancement pills, like Viagra and the like. And I'm sure those pills are being taken for play at sex parties. This makes way for the problem of how male enhancement pills and poppers are a combo that can lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels. So it's weak and selfish play on the part of the person using poppers, and irresponsible porn production for a porn producer/director to allow this. But from Treasure Island Media, this is not the first time I've seen such irresponsibility. So moving on...

This problem would not exist if more gay males were told how taking in dick successfully requires 3 simple things:
  1. LUBE. Make your hole and his cock nice, wet, and slick;
  2. REAL DESIRE to have that person inside you, and;
  3. A DEEP BREATH during a top's entry. For the rectum is a suction tube, and breathing in deeply while your top is entering you helps to suck him into you. 
Well, due to the lack of seeing my tips practiced, and after purchasing and receiving dildos in a variety of sizes since I started my day job, I decided what better way to prove why I have a right to my annoyance than to show myself taking on some big dicks popper-free. Even better with dildos being those dicks because for many of us, a dildo is more difficult to take in than an actual penis. So if I can get through 3 increasingly large dildos without a single huff of poppers, then it proves that those of you who use poppers have no excuse.

So if you're using poppers, then you have fallen prey to a lie. The use of poppers is nothing more than a means to get high.

Sad compared to how my high during sex doesn't involve any manufactured harmful chemicals. Because for me, sex is the high. That high being the entire road building from mouth to mouth, then skin to skin, sweat to sweat, my dick to his ass, and/or his dick to my ass ----THOSE ARE THE THINGS that make my high during sex. And this post and video is to urge others to do the same.

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