Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Getting Off To The WORST STROKER EVER!!!

The first time I tried Palm-Tec SE Vol. 19 Stroker, the picture on the right (with my cum running down the side) was the end result. However, the backstory to what it took to make that happen will make anything near that end result a shock.

For the 1st time I tried Palm-Tec SE Vol. 19 Stroker, it hurt to get in. Primarily due to the fact that this "toy" takes the term "choking the chicken" a bit too fuckin' literal!

By the entry way of the toy being too damn tight!

Now, I have repeatedly admitted that I don't have the thickest dick in the world, but nor is it the thinnest. So if I say that after my 1st try to get in it that my dick was imprinted with lines from the neck to the point that my cock looked like a dark brown Michelin Man, then you know we have a problem.

So what made me shoot such a load were my putting on a good porno, and the knobs inside past the entry neck rubbing against my dick.
And to make up for the agony my dick suffered from the toy's neck, I kept thrusting all the way to the very end of the toy that has a hole to create suction. Hence why when I came, me not always being a shooter, shot a cumload that shot up like a volcano.

Knowing I was going to try again, I left a bottle of body oil in the neck of the toy for 24 hours. The end result?...My dick still comes out with rings on it. Only this time, it is a less intense-looking brown Michelin Man.

With my Nude Dude Review, I make it a point that if I'm not stripping down to, not necessarily dropping trou, but at the least undoing my pants, then the toy is not worth making a video for. Proof of that is how in my 3 Nude Dude Reviews thus far, 2 of them have made me conclude with me covering my privates with the featured toy, and the other with me stripped down to a pair of skimpy underwear.

So now you're probably wondering: If I got off with this toy, then why am I not giving it the same treatment? It's because those 3 toys got me off by their own merit. Besides the obvious need for lube, I didn't need an outside product to make the toy workable or enjoyable. Such was not the case with the Palm-Tec SE Vol. 19 Stroker. As I stated twice earlier, I needed a hard bottle to sit in its neck for an elongated length of time just so I could get my cock into the toy. Followed by me ((not using, but) needing a bullet vibrator in the hole to distract how my cock was still being choked. So based on its own merit, if I did a Nude Dude Review of Palm-Tec SE Vol. 19 Stroker, It would end with me being probably too clothed for your taste.

With all that said, I made an effort to get a video out of this toy to prove a point...How even if it's a poorly made toy, you can sometimes still make it work.

Inside Palm-Tec Vol. 19 Stroker powered by XTube

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