Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Getting Out The Kinks: I ♥ Daddies

Don't let the title fool you! I do not have a thing for older guys old enough to be my father. While I did grow up with an absentee father, I have not sexualized that void by making myself available only to older guys. I'll address my personal manifestation from my absentee father in another post. Anyway, when I say that I love daddies, I'm talking about hot guys who have had sex with a woman, with the result being him fathering a child.

When I think about how:
  • He put his bare cock inside her,
  • Therefore, her bare flesh rubbed against his dick
  • So then 2 bare natural tools for sex rubbed against each other
  • To the point that they caused him to orgasm and shoot out cum
  • And the sperm in that cum swam inside her body
  • All to create a child
....It is all such a turn-on that it makes me want a shot at it.

Now, before the condom police try getting on my case, if you don't know by now my position on bareback sex, then take note of the pic on the right of this blog about "CHOICE". With that said, I'm man enough to deal with the results that might happen (or may already have happened) as a result of taking this kink all the way. I'm sure many guys feel the same way. Plus, with the recent more public knowledge of Truvada as PrEP, I'm sure many are taking advantage, whether I say to or not.

After all, the real purpose of semen is to be the male's addition to the process of pro-creation. It's just that us sexual nature geeks who happen to be gay have something else about males to enjoy. It may also explain why when gay males have bareback sex, they often refer to the top cumming in the bottom as "breeding". I personally hate that term because while it is the same act, I associate "breeding" more with animals, and not humans. Plus, I love the word "cum". And not just the word "cum", but also all of its properties. Its feel, Its taste. Its smell. I love the smell so much that if a guy cums on me, definitely if we're at my place, I'll sleep with his jizz on me. At his place, it's up to him.

This brings us back to the aforementioned bullet list of sequences in straight sex. Each bullet on that list can have a pronoun or name of a body part replaced to instead refer to anal sex with a gay/bi male, except for the creation of a child. We males can't do that, and are happier for it. That doesn't mean that finding pleasure in the instinct of cum being for pro-creation isn't in us males. For those of us who partake of a man shooting his jizz inside us do so out of loving the thought that like in sex with a woman, his sperm - a part of him is alive and remains inside us after he pulls out. A fact a raw top's ego is boosted by.

Don't think this kink means I'm recanting my stance against recruiting straight guys. I'm not. I know that the only way this kink can come to fruition is for me to be with a father who is an out & proud bisexual, or a guy who came to realize he was gay/bi after becoming a father. With guys who as far as I know who are totally straight, my respect of nature will only allow this kink of mine to live in fantasies.

With all of that said, if you're wondering if I have ever had the opportunity to have bareback sex with someone who was a father by natural means,...not only is the answer YES. But you may have seen me already have hot sex with him....
It's my playmate from "Why It's WE Fuck".

His revelation that he was a father was one he made to me soon after we first hooked-up. Now, in that video, you can clearly see a condom. But a few hook-ups later, he did shoot that fathering load into my ass. With me tightening around his cock during his orgasm to get out every last drop of his cum. But this time, instead of filling a condom with sperm-rich semen....For a time, his ejaculation filled me with a bunch of his "Mini-Me's".

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