Sunday, November 29, 2015

When I Write A Sex Tale, I Want You....

When I write a sex tale, my intent with writing such detailed descriptions of the sex is (as I have said in promoting my posts) to make my audience horny. In addition to that, it is also a means to motivate readers to try the position that I play in the story when they thus far play the complete opposite in their own sex lives.

One reason many tops don't want to try bottoming is because the image porn and other writers have made it seem that bottoming to is a role that is so submissive and emasculating to a degrading level.  For as I have repeatedly said, porn is a gay male's first teacher of sexual interaction 90+% of the time. So I try to write bottoming as a role without porn's imposed limitation. TherI try to write bottoming the way I live it ----as an act that can be submissive, aggressive, equal amounts of both, or a little of one and a lot of the other. With the ability for a change-up even occurring during one sex session. And whatever the case, one's self-respect and manhood remain intact. Thereby letting a top reading it see the great variety of additional optional sensations he's denying himself by not bottoming.

When I tell of my sexual escapades as a top, I am once again trying to undo the damage taught by porn. I want to show that topping does not mean you degrade your bottom as we see on porn sites like and TitanMedia videos. Also, especially as a Black male, I'm even more conscious about making my writing undo the damage many Black gay male tops have taken from porn, which they don't seem to realize is the reason why they have a revolving door of White asses to top, but never really being taken serious as a human being deserving of monogamy or a primary love. Instead, they're seen only as being the hashtag #BBC (Big Black Cock) - stick for their hole. So I make sure to show in my writing the humanity that I show my bottoms. When you read my sex tales, I don't want you to see images in the vein of angry-sex-to-punish-whites-for-slavery as portrayed over the years by Diesel Washington and Bobby Blake, or the absolute soullessness of Supreme. And these porn actors might not like me talking about them, but the fact remains that they, like I, must own the bad representation of Black males that they played, and many Black males are following that bad example today. Especially in their interracial sexual encounters.

In short, in the 2 previous paragraphs, one goal with my writing is that I'm looking to motivate all gay males to be a community of flip-fuckers. For unless there's a pre-existing medical condition, we as males have the tools (dick & ass) to play both roles. So why not make use of them, and spend forever exploring the pleasure to be found from both. I believe it's another way for sex to never get old.

This is another reason why I give such detailed descriptions of the sex in my tales as a top. For from my experience, many total bottoms says they have tried to top, but it didn't feel good to them. When I hear that, I always wonder how many of those bottoms tried topping a bottom who using poppers, or a size-queen who never did kegels to maintain their tightness. If either or both is the case, then that bottom tried topping with someone with a loose hole that didn't match up to the sensation from the tight grip of their hand. If certain circumstances and mindsets are the case, it's no wonder it didn't feel good. Also, keep in mind that bottoms have no responsibility of having an erection unless they need to achieve a cumshot for a porn scene. Therefore, regardless of what they say, they are total bottoms taught by circumstance.

I know many writers will tell you to not seem judgmental of an act when writing. Well, I don't live by the rules of this age that says "Say nothing", because that rule is what has so many having lousy sex. And it's not going to begin to stop until someone tries to educated people that certain behaviors are wrong to yourself, and disrespectful to your partner. Now, I may be just a blogger (at the moment), but I feel if just one person is inspired by my honesty in a sex tales of how wrong some of these allotted behaviors are, then my writing is entertaining AND educating.

With that said, it's impossible for me to stay silent when something is being done wrong, especially when it comes to a subject I love ----SEX. For one overall goal with my writing is to inspire good mental and emotional health during sex. That has not thus far, nor will it ever be achieved by one or more parties taking a huff of poppers, snorting cocaine, being drunk, popping pills, etc. So you will not read of me inciting such acts. You will instead read of me condemning them. Hoping to inspire you to leave those things behind before, during, and after sex, so you can have the best sex possible.

Now, haters are going to hate. And I know I have a sex life that many envy. Truth be told, that's on them. In any case, I've made my writing motivations more obvious, maybe those whose quick-to-judge attitudes make them believe my tales are for me to brag and nothing more will be enlightened to how I actually use my gift of writing about my sexual prowess as a means to better sex lives.

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