Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vote LogoTV For Hypocrisy

I recently responded to a former Facebook friend, Glenn Payne's posting of a request for dancers for a tv spot for the tv channel, Logo. I was to receive a phone call the next day to get more details. However, this never came to be. For about 18 hours later, I received something, but it was not a phone call. It was a Facebook message from Glenn. Telling me that their "standards & practices" say that they can't have anyone who has posed nude or done porn representing their "brand".


This rule of "standards" coming from a channel that airs "1 Girl 5 Gays" where they sit and talk graphically about sex. The channel that also airs "That Sex Show", which features a porn actress on its panel of "experts". The channel that has MTV as one of their sister channels, home of various shit-shows, like "Jersey Shore", but most notably at the moment, the Video Music Awards (VMAs).

In the past, I have given some harsh criticisms to Logo, primarily in regards to their being an American channel with a serious lack of ethnic diversity in their lineup. With that and me owning my criticisms and the consequences of saying it publicly being the case, I could have stomached their reasoning for not wanting me being because of those numerous criticisms. For in owning all that I have said and knowing human nature, people will retaliate in some fashion when you criticize them no matter how right you are. But if this was such a retaliation, I could respect them more for doing so with honesty. Instead of the pretentious, hypocritical bullshit rhetoric I was fed. For they didn't make me need to take back what I have said about them in the past. Instead, not allowing me to be a part of this tv spot not only reaffirms my past negative criticisms, but actually embeds them deeper in stone.

My offer of my talent for that tv spot was to extend an olive branch to Logo TV, and give them a chance to in some way undo my past criticisms of them. But instead, this response was them breaking the olive branch in 2 before I made it through the door.

Some might think that my viewpoint of my prowess as a performer is quite arrogant. Well, that is a viewpoint for those with low self-esteem, and a bad sense of self-worth. For performers need to realize how powerful a component they are in the equation of the finished product of any production....

For without performers, directors have no one to direct. Therefore, producers have nothing to produce.

I'm sure that those eager to see misery and woe in others to be company to their own misery are reading this thinking, "Oh, they hurt poor LeNair's feelings. YAY!...I mean, how sad."

Bitch, please! I am on a road upward. And trust me, not Logo TV, its brother/sister channels, and parent company combined are important enough to make or break the good path I am on. This spot with Logo was to just kill time along the way. So this venting is not because Logo gave me a road block. It's simply to expose the principle (or lack thereof) on Logo's part.

It is also to teach those who are so eager to get into porn that there are hypocritical ass-heads like those at LogoTV, who will incite you to go for porn stardom, then try kicking dirt in your face the first chance their guilt over loving porn and other displays of sexuality kicks in. And it is those in the sex trade who can't rise above those pretentious hypocrites that end up trapped in that world, then drinking, drugging, or directly committing suicide as a means to escape the pain of rejection. So I am exposing Logo's "standards" so that these wannabes are aware that this is what you face if you don't have an out when the light of your porn stardom fades.

For trust me, it most certainly will fade. So you better prepare for the hypocrisy that follows when it does.

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  1. I'm still trying to wrap my head(s) regarding standards in the media. When I was a lot younger, I was photographed in the nude (both soft & hard). Some of those, I later found on the internet. I am not ashamed. The body, naked or not, is beautiful. I admire Lenair for his stand, because though I have never been rejected, by certain media standards, I have been told that my face could not appear on certain collegiate materials, because I happened to show up in several nudes. How did the Dean of the University, know that I had done nudes before, unless..... But the school allowed the gay community to have their own newspaper, with ads, that came pretty close to showing it all. On Utube, I am still trying to figure out how they set standards for what is appropriate or not. On my playlist, it is not unusual to have saved media; only to find out that certain one's have been rejected for inappropriate media content. Really? Then, why are other sexual material allowed, and who judges? Was it because someone made a complaint and UTube investigated? I'm not sure what standards I am supposed to follow, without being hypocritical in the process.


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