Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mental Health Withdrawal

In light of the recent tragedy at North Illinois University occuring right after my recent entries regarding mental health, and the "medications" prescribed, I think I should now address the recent revelation by the gunman, Stephen Kazmierczak's girlfriend that he was off his medication when he did that tragic act to other then to himself.

Have you ever noticed how when people who get prescribed those mental health meds exhibit more extreme behavior than they did before they started and while they were on those meds? Extreme behavior very similar to that of a drug addict going through withdrawal. When a drug addict goes through withdrawal, they behave worse than they did before they started taking their drug(s) of choice, as well while they were on those drugs. This only further proves my point as to how these doctors and pharmaceutical companies are becoming legalized drug dealers.

The tragedy at NIU could have been avoided had Kazmierczak not sought the help he needed from a doctors thinking that a pill would kill his demons. That is the same logic that gives births to drug addicts, but just because the title "Doctor" is in front of the person's name, many people think their word is golden. However, incidents like the NIU tragedy show that is nowhere near being the case.

So I close this entry urging you that if you feel that you may be one of those who needs some kind of medication(s) for mental health - THINK AGAIN. Stop catering to a doctors' wannabe-God complex, and don't research these meds and their side effects for yourself. And seek the support of friends - on this earth and beyond. How many tragedies will it take before you realize that I'm on to something? Be well.


  1. The person was off his meds for three weeks
    I totally agree that the culture of popping these dolls is something i had to get used to when coming to the states.
    However although doctors are sometimes wanna be gods
    It doesnt take away the fact that medications can be helpful even in mental issues.
    wont go as far as mister Cruise and his Hubbard buddies that all can be solved with good will and beliefs.

  2. I find that every religion, no matter how much I may disagree with the religion as a whole, there is always some part of their belief system that I agree with. And such is the case with Scientology, growing up as a Christian, I am a firm believer in faith that God will see me through. There are many that don't, and I believe those are the ones who fall prey to the doctors and pharmaceutical companies getting rich off of our human woes.
    Remember, I know of what I speak, because it could have been me on anti-depressants, when in reality, all I needed was to come to terms with who I was, and my shortcomings.

  3. I understand so you see your example
    as projectable on all mental health issues ?
    Coming to terms with who you are, and your shortcomings might work for you.
    Still would not make this the leading solution on all out there with health issues.
    I see everything as a combination of things. Yes working on a more balanced person who knows his issues and self is great.
    However Some serious mental issues probably also need some medication assistance. With understanding what these meds do and above all what will happen when quitting ... as in this shooting case...

  4. "With understanding what these meds do and above all what will happen when quitting ... as in this shooting case..."

    Your last sentence closes my case as to why you SHOULD NOT TAKE THESE DRUGS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Other health issues may surely require medical assistance, but the power of your brain should be your most prized possesion (as it is for me), therefore should not be just handed over so easily to some wannabe-god doctor. When instead of a "feel-good" pill, one needs is to find that happy place within themselves, and work it out from there. I found it in my artistic work, such as my writing, drawing, and performing. Everyone else can do the same.


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