Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dear Condom Police & BBBH

As with all of my blog posts, these subjects are in my head all along, but it takes one incident too many to be the straw that broke the camels back. Therefore, making me need to speak out.

This past Monday at The Cock, 2 guys were in the back fucking. Some busy-body patron came over there as if he's never seen such a thing at The Cock (of all places) even though he's there just about every week to say loudly, "Are they fucking?!" Then he continues with, "Are they using a condom?!" So with this he tries to use the light of his cell phone to see if they were. He proudly told another patron that he was being the Condom Police, especially since World AIDS Day was just the day before. Which I say it doesn't matter if it was the day after news of the new super-strain of HIV was discovered, it's still none of this busy-body bitch's business.

To continue, after the couple was done, the busy-body went over to them, and asked them if they used a condom. They said that they didn't, and they were boyfriends. The busy-body turned to the patron he was commenting to before, repeating that he was being the Condom Police and added that since they were boyfriends it was ok. Which I had already figured they were because I actually saw them walk in together. However, this busy-body goes back to that patron again less than 2 minutes later whispering how he doesn't really think they're boyfriends. Well, if they weren't boyfriends and you were this couple, wouldn't you say whatever you felt it took to make this busy-body bitch go away and stop intruding upon your playtime with whomever? Many might. I however, would have told him straight up to go plug his mouth with a dick and mind his mother fuckin' business.

But here's some degree of hypocrisy for you...

Not too long after talking this crap about the couple, later on I find the busy-body making out with the couple. The very same couple that he claimed he thought lied about being a couple to shut him up. This doesn't speak well for his attempt as the Condom Police. Nor does it speak well for the couple's self-respect, individually or as a whole. For when the fucking was happening, I was standing in between this busy-body and the couple, but way closer to the busy-body. So if I heard the busy-body, so should they.

Now, don't think I saw all this because I was being a busy-body myself. No. I saw this because I always take note of everything going on around me. Even while having my own fun, which I did.

Some might forget my history on the matter of condom use, and try to call me a hypocrite. Well for them, here's a reality reminder check you need to cash fast....

I have never pledged allegiance to the Condom Police, or BBBH (BareBack BrotherHood). I have never shoved condom use down your throats. Nor have I with barebacking. I have always been about choice. It is the reason the photo to your right has it's message, as well as the blog post that introduced it. And my stand on condom use remains the middle ground I have proclaimed for quite awhile now. That position being:

Barebacking and condom use is a matter of choice. And while it is unnatural to have a barrier between you and your sex partner, with HIV, and all of the STDs and STIs out here, one should consider condom use.

This stance is much to the chagrin of some people. Such as the little troll who attended the last discussion I moderated about gay porn being the gay community's educator and indicator. Who because of his claim of being a counselor felt that gave him the right to talk over me (the moderator) after I (as moderator) gave him the floor with no interruption. All because he wanted me to play Condom Police, instead of the middle ground I just rehashed. Now, here's the possibility of hypocrisy from another member of the Condom Police...For I'm not 100% sure, but he looks very much like the same guy who played commentator in my "Sex Party Etiquette: Who Hired The Commentator?" when I was trying to have sex with what turned out being a popper-addicted Asian.

With all of the extremism from the Condom Police, as well as the BBBH in mind, I have this to say to both parties:

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