Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lights! Camera! Now FUCK!/How Lust Should Be

This past Friday, I presented 2 pieces for my presentation for the erotica open mic event, Titillating Tongues. One was my anti-porn/pro-exhibitionism poem that I mentioned before, "Lights! Camera! Now FUCK!", and the other was a short sexy song countering what we see in porn by stating what should be in porn. Hence why the song was entitled, "How Lust Should Be".

With the audio from that night, I made 2 slideshow videos using sexy photos to help tell the story of the pieces. Including photos by PhotoFreedom, myself, and the overly photoshopped work of one my former porn directors, Tyson Cane.

Now, if watching videos isn't your thing then simply read the lyrics to both pieces, and don't focus on the pictures. Either way, ENJOY.

Before I go any further, let me say that Titillating Tongues is a great event. Hence why I've been attending it just about every month for a little more than a year now. However, if you live in or are visiting NYC at the time of one, the event could seriously use some gay male representation besides myself as both performers and audience members. For since it is an event meant to be welcoming to all orientations, there is no excuse to cut our gay selves off. Especially when one of the things the fight for gay rights claims is to want entertainment that is more inclusive and accepting of homosexuality. Well, look no further. You have it here. So staying away makes our community seem untrustworthy by being overflowing with hypocrites. So let's show we're better than that, shall we?

With that said, if I'm able to attend the next one, I do hope to see you there.

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