Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back Titillating With A Vengence

I've become a regular at Mike Geffner's Inspired Word erotica open mic event, Titillating Tongues. Hence why I created a category on this blog dedicated to it.

Usually within a week after my appearance, I'm back at work on something new to present for the next month. However, after my appearance in September, such was not the case. I instead worked on more personal non-sexual material.

I've come to use erotic poetry as a way to address social woes that effect us all. I sometimes tell them from a gay perspective, and other times I've made it sexually ambivalent. The latter is better since as I've said before, Titillating Tongues is an event open to all sexual orientations. Well, this time I'm doing both.

Make Me Pay - We've all had those repeated trysts, hook-ups or booty calls with a friend with benefits, or fuck-buddy (whatever words you want to use) who we know we shouldn't be bothered with because of something they do. Be they a drug/alcohol abuser, a criminal, a gang member, whatever.  However, after allowing ourselves to have sex with them just once, the chemistry between you two makes the sex  so good that you can't say "No" in spite of his flaws. And when the sex is bad, your conscious mind says, you're done. However, your subconscious mind decides that the next time will be better...And it turns out being right. But what isn't right is the fact that you gave in the first time. So you subconsciously use some kind of BDSM in sex to punish yourself for that giving in. Well, that's the story behind "Make Me Pay".

Normally in my poetry, I give a solution. But this time, do I stick to that program, or am I changing it up to tell a tale of hot sex that you can relate to, but have to figure out an individual solution for your individual situation? You'll just have to come by to see and hear for yourself.

Wet Your Flesh - There's really no big explanation of the backstory here. This poem is simply about initiating oral sex as foreplay, but also giving your partner the option to make it all he/she wants to do. Also, most talk of oral sex focuses on working the front, while rimming is something addressed in passing. Not in this poem. There is just as much talk about oral play to the backside as there is to the front.

The reason for the title of this post is because I feel the honesty of those personal poems I did during my month away from Titillating Tongues has trickled into these 2 poems. So I'm going to be more honest & direct than I've ever been, or ever thought possible. And for erotica, that means possibly more raunchy. This has me quite excited to see the audience reaction.

So if you're in NYC, come see for yourself on November 15th.
The Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street
Cover: $10
Sign up starts @ 7 PM
Show goes from 7:30 - 9:30 PM

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