Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hustlaball For Hustla's Fall

I will admit that there was a time I had enough issues with Hustlaball because of its racist performance roster that I had my own personal boycott of the event. Now while that racism is somewhat fading, some will try to say that I'm never satisfied. For I still have an issue with hearing that event's name. In fact, I think I always have. I just repressed my loathing.

You see, while I was in the porn industry, I tried to not be judgemental of escorts. Even though I was fully aware in my mind that their existence in the industry was lessening the beauty of the sex we see in porn movies. Once I decided to say the truth not only in my head, but also aloud, that's when I decided to leave the porn industry, and become publicly vocal about the ugliness of prostitution, or its sugar-coated word, "escorting".

This of course has led the naive that still surround themselves with these people to feel that I have (as someone once said to me) "been on a high horse" since my leaving the industry. Well, if I'm on a high horse for deciding to not surround myself with a bunch of people who are doomed for dead-end lives by dedicating themselves to having dead-eyed sex,...then I will make sure that since you're so low down that my high horse dumps its shit on you. As my way of saying goodbye before I ride off to a destiny worthy of my intellect.

So this post is calling out myself. Not for hypocrisy. But on my long-overdue maturity. How my eyes have been opened as to how Hustlaball still should be boycotted. If not for racism, as I'm sure it still perpetuates the "Black guys as overly aggressive tops" belief, then simply for its praise of prostitution. For it still teaches our young gay males that drugs, alcohol, and prostitution are the way to acceptance by your fellow gay male. Leaving out the truth of how many old guys are not trapped in that world, which I'm sure very well contributed to the drug addictions, depression, then suicides that have killed some porn actors in the past, present, and future.

Anyone in the business that tries to tell you my claim is false is doing what many in that world do ---live in denial. For while I was in the industry, I've seen many performers do drugs before and/or after a show. Plus, the event is called "Hustlaball" for a reason. It's a gathering of hustlers a.k.a. prostitutes a.k.a. hookers a.k.a. whores. Which is why my most loyal readers may recall how I once got propositioned at Hustlaball by a patron,...while I was a patron myself.

Now, if you want to go to this event, that's on you. This post is just letting you know the self-destructive escapist world you are contributing your money to. If you can live with that, have at it.

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