Sunday, December 15, 2013

Don't Want His Name

We all have happenings in our lives that shape us. Things that mold our good and bad freedoms, as well as the good and bad walls we put up. Well, let it be known that although I might not have said much about certain parts of my backstory, I am no different from any of you in that regard.

For me, there were 2 males (not men) whose actions contributed heavily to issues I have with males. Those males are my father and my maternal grandfather. I say "are" because while at least one of them is dead as far as I know, their damage makes me a work in progress. You can find out why by paying very close attention to the poem's lyrics. However, if it helps to see the lyrics written out, then simply click on the poem's title in Soundcloud widget below to go to the description, since I included the lyrics there.

Before writing this poem, I already felt that I had made significant progress in getting over this issue. At least I did enough work on myself that this issue didn't make me sexualize my daddy issues by looking and lusting for a "daddy". Hence the "daddy" genre in gay porn, as well as sites like Instead, it made me more independent. However, after writing this poem, then reading it out loud to an audience at Bareburger which is where this recording comes from, I feel that both actions have been therapeutic and helped me along even more.

And I might be right. For one word I was told about the poems I presented was "POWERFUL"....Maybe the words being that full of power is why the microphone blew out while I was reading. Leaving me to continue reading it the old fashioned way by projecting my voice.

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  1. Bravo for giving the best of yourself to changing pain into art thru words=poetry¡¡¡


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