Friday, June 25, 2010

Write That Down #20

With Gay Pride weekend now upon us, many of us are going to have sex as part of our celebration. I myself am just coming back from the Hot Jock Party where I was a top all night. Pleased to say that I pretty much sucked and fucked the United Nations as my playmates included the bubble-butts of a Latino, a muscular White American and a muscular Euro, and a tall and slim Black guy. No Asian booty got plugged, but I did cop a feel of some of their smooth asses and suck on some of their cocks.

Anyway, to avoid getting too off topic, with that sex and any sex I have with weekend comes my policy of no drug use as part of the sex play. Making that rule of mine so public in "Write That Down #17" has made me lose some fuck-buddies. Some are still my friends on Facebook, but refuse to even acknowledge my existence. My thought is then, why stay my friends list, if I'm not worth interacting with? It's because to take me off their friends list lets me know who I was talking about in those posts, even if they're not sure that I was writing about them. In short, they can't show their guilty conscience eating at them.

Regardless, I'm sticking to my guns on this issue, and standing by my policy of no drugs, especially during sex. Because by keeping that policy, I don't have to worry about the additional work it takes to make lines of cocaine and sniff them just right, or the work of cutting a pill of Ecstasy for just the right buzz, or the work of filling and lighting up the pipe to smoke crystal meth and puffing it just right, AND THEN popping a Viagra to counter the side effect of a limp dick from taking any or all of these drugs.

With this in mind, my latest "Write That Down" quote is:

The beauty of drug-free sex is that it's void of the additional work of setting up the drugs. The only work required is the sheer beauty of 2 'F' words---- FUCK and FEEL. 

With that said, for this Gay Pride Weekend and for always, have some drug-free sex so you can better enjoy and remember the fuck and feel.


P.S. - Along with my profile pic on Facebook, the picture above is a preview of the shots taken of me by Photo Freedom on the nude beach in Sandy Hook, NJ.

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