Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Write That Down #18

My friend Michael recently was telling a friend of his that he admires that fact that I have the balls to say all that I say with my blog. He said of me, "He's bold enough to put his dick out there on the chopping block for them to chop it off, then he re-attaches it afterwards."

With "my dick" being a metaphor for "my boldness", it's a great compliment....to a point. The point why that compliment doesn't have my complete embrace is because, if you read between the lines (like all writers do), it says that for maybe even a second, I may be or seem to be defeated. And much as I love the character's ability, I wouldn't compare myself to the characther of "Claire Bennet" from "Heroes". You see, if you cut off a part of her, she would need someone to align the cut off part with her body in order for it to re-attach. My resilience needs no human assistance. Mainly because, it never left my body in the 1st place.

So my latest quote for "Write That Down" is a response to my friend, Michael's statement:

I do put my dick out there on the chopping block by what I say, but what I do is dare them to cut it off. However, when they show themselves dumb enough to try,....the blade of their tool of choice pops off and slaps them in the face, because my skin is so thick you would think I was the bastard son of Superman. For I felt the annoying tap of their effort, but never the pain of them succeeding. Because unless they're GOD....it's impossible.

If that quote and this video seem to be extreme displays of arrogance, when you take into account the decades of me questioning myself that I have lived to tell about, and the self-assured man that I am today, then these words and this video are not symbols of arrogance, but of the PRIDE that I have earned for myself.


  1. I don't mean to undermine your point at all, but Claire can regrow her limbs. her power grows to the point where she can do this. In an episode right before a flyer from her high school becomes a love interest, she cuts off her toe after a class lecture on regeneration.

    I think the point you were trying to make is that she needs human assistance in taking things out of her head in order for her brain to regenerate.

    Sorry if I sound like a comic book nerd! :D

    Your point still remains the same ;)

  2. Thanks Anthony,

    I stand corrected.

    Just to show where I was to some degree misinformed, I was thinking back to the episode where she was thought to be dead by a shot in the head (if I'm correct), laying cut open on an autopsy table. She didn't come to until AFTER someone removed the bullet during the autopsy. Hence my reference, "My resilience needs no human assistance." So we're actually both right, because YES, her brain did regenerate for her to come to, but it would not have happened without the human assistance of removing the bullet.

    Now, I sound like a sci-fi nerd. LOL!


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