Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tooting My Own Hole

Many gay males have fallen prey to the porn-induced idea of how "bigger is better". Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but to those dumb enough to believe that, if you've been following that credo long enough, then it is costing you. I'm sure many of you will refuse to admit it to the price you are paying, even when I point out the facts, and I'm not only talking about mere size queens here. I'm also talking about people who are into fisting. Especially those heavy into it.

Let me start by bringing your attention to a part of my presentation at Sex Worker Literati this past December:

....since I’ve never been on the search for the “next big thing” my ass can take it short, long, thick or thin. Because I’m not one of these guys who is so on the hunt for the next big cock, the next big dildo, the next fist, maybe even the next big kitchen sink to stick in their ass, that they’ve probably have a hole that would echo if I talked into it because it is now as wide as the Grand Canyon, if not more so.

I've spoken before about my reputation for having a tight hole. It's a reputation I greatly enjoy having, which is the reason why while I so badly want to try it, I'm still frightened by the thought of doing a double-penetration. You see, I do my Kegels, but that is really only good for your sphincter. So I know already that my sphincter will bounce back. However, what about INSIDE? For that is also, if not more so a part of why guys like fucking my ass so much. In my 3-some that I mentioned in "Dumb Sell-Out Mo-Fo"  with the Italian and the Romanian, the Italian said he's a bottom, but he got inside my ass, and became versatile. This is not the 1st time that I've caused such a change in a person, and I love the fact that my hole feels so good that it turns bottoms into versatile guys, even if it's for just that one night. Because unfortunately, with so many gay bottoming males not showing the maturity that I have, there won't be too many occasions where bottoms like the Italian will be motivated to attempt such a thing.

It's because guys who are size queens and do fisting don't have the luxury that I have. After a while, by looking for that "next big thing" to put in their ass, they lose that luxury called, "choice". They become locked in a prison of their own making. All because they never thought to grow up and let go of that fascination with a big cock long enough to make their bodies able to take anything else. I've come to realize now, that when I hear someone say that they can't see themselves with a guy with a small dick, it's not so much out of choice, but out of necessity.

Their necessity for a big cock comes from all of the big cocks, big unreal-sized dildos, and fisting (in short, acts of self-loathing) that these guys have opened up their insides so much that when it comes to person-to-person anal sex, a thick cock is all they can take to feel any kind of sensation. Plus, tops with cocks that big don't have to do the work of being totally hard in order to get inside these kinds of bottoms, like they need to be in order to get inside me. Now, while some of these bottoms may do Kegels (like some I've known), this only makes their looseness not so obvious from the outside. However, I've been with a few guys who are size queens and do fisting that once inside, I can almost turn my dick around inside them like I was turning a jump-rope. So needless to say, I don't stay hard, because the only part of my dick getting any contact and feeling is the part wrapped around by his sphincter. And it's because the part of them that I need to feel on my dick to keep me hard has been their own self-destructive mindset and behavior.

I have often admitted that I don't have the thickest dick, but it's not the thinnest one either. Therefore, there is no reason my dick should feel little to no contact with the walls of a guy's rectum unless they've done something to themselves to undo the warm 98.6 degree embrace that should be around any cock of any size. The same warm embrace that guys love feeling when they're inside me, and want more of. In fact, I have never bottomed for a guy, whether spending the night at his place or mine, where he didn't fucked my ass at least twice - once when we got in the door, again as a way to say, "Good morning", and maybe another in between. And each time, he draw it out, because he didn't my tight ass (outside and inside) to make him come too soon.

One guy I recall, once we got to his place, fucked me in a variety of positions like he was doing half of the gay Kama Sutra. We cuddled all night. The next morning, he didn't say a word to me, not even a kiss. He just rubbed my ass, reached for lube to put on my hole then a condom to put on his dick, and fucked my ass like the was doing the 2nd half of the gay Kama Sutra. After he sprayed his man-milk all over me, THEN we smiled at each other and said, "Good morning".

I wondered what inspired such a way to say "Good morning". One with no words spoken, where all he craves....are my anal walls giving a smooth warming rub against his cock. While he was a pretty decent size, I'm sure size queens and fisting bottoms couldn't have given him the same pleasure.

I know that before I get started on this topic that I would offend some people (as if that's new). Some of whom I've had sex with in the past. And because of what I've said here, I'll probably will never have sex with them again. And you know what? That's fine by me, because if you're not man enough to handle the truth of what I'm saying about what you've done to yourself, then you are of no good to me, because you are of no good to yourself.

Now, while I don't agree with either practice, I'll accept the possibility that there may be a way to be a size queen and into fisting and not have your insides widened like the Grand Canyon. However, based on my experience, those guys are a select few who need to teach the majority whose insides are now loosey-goosey. Therefore, these guys have left me no choice, but to instead of "toot my own horn", as they say, in this case, I am motivated to loudly and proudly "toot my own hole".

Keep it tight...outside and in.

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  1. I REALLY like this. I've been thinking about that sort of thing a lot lately, but since I'm a top and can't speak from any kind of experience, I wasn't able to cover it myself. So thanks for that.


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